Welcome Generation 16! Get ready for a life time experience

94 global companies are ready to join Start-Up Chile Seed program after more than 1900 applications.  Founders and their teams will receive 20 million pesos (about US$ 33,000), a working visa for a year and access to the largest startup community in the world to accelerate their startups in Chile.


The companies selected for the 16th generation will start the program on 4thJuly 2016. All the founders must be in country during that week to begin the orientation process and start their experience as Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs.

As a requirement, entrepreneurs must remain in the country for at least 6 months (the duration of the program) and help spread the innovation spirit through participating in social impact activities, sharing their experiences with the chilean ecosystem.

The startups will also have the chance to apply to the new follow-on fund Start-Up Chile SCALE that offers CLP 60 million (approximately USD 90,000) to companies that have significant traction, are generating revenue and that need the extra capital to grow in Chile and expand to the rest of Latin America. Only companies that have first passed through the six-month program will be eligible to apply for this fund.

Next application process for the Seed program will start on August 16th and will close in September 9th 2016.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet generation 16!


Startup Public Description Country Headquarter
AKI Hunter Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) is a common and serious problem in hospitalized patients. Early detection is critical for optimal management but in practice is inadequate.
AKIHunter is a medical software tool that analyses patient’s data, to detect Acute Kidney Injury as soon as possible.
Alba By combining social network’s information, user’s location and parents recommendations Alba can find the perfect babysitter for each parent, within minutes, just as if their best friend would have recommended it. On the other hand babysitters can enjoy working close from home through an effort free job search service. Chile
AlexFinds / HTLdeals Alex is an AI-powered personal travel concierge who hand-picks only best hotel deals for your requests over SMS, E-mail, Twitter and Mobile Chat. USA (United States of America)
Appbase is the first commercial streaming database that’s offered as a hosted API and an on-prem deployment software for building modern apps, realtime analytics, and new age IoT based software. 1000+ apps with 100M+ API calls have been built with in 2015 alone. USA (United States of America)
Beavly Beavly is an online marketplace that connects people eager to learn new skills to small and medium sized businesses willing to provide workplace training for a fee. We seek to disrupt the informal learning industry in Africa by building a large marketplace that facilitates skills acquisition in small scale industries. Nigeria
Bifidice Bifidice is a prevention and a treatment of dysbacteriosis, especially after the effect of antibiotics. Bifidice reduces allergy symptoms, dysbacteriosis, supports the immune system. It’s particularly useful for children, pregnant women and persons with diabetes. Bifidice uses the unique technology that preserves natural ice cream flavor and efficiency of bifidumbacteria. Russia
BitLancer South American freelancers have long been sidelined from the possibility to charge for their services abroad. Either they have a credit card and pay 5-7% fees, or they use SWIFT and pay 5-10%. At BitLancer we’re bringing the Bitcoin technology to solve an everyday and -very-real world problem. Chile
Blumen Online reviews are now essential in the decision-making process of digital users. In front of the growth of the online review space, Blumen has a clear value proposition: to assist future students choose university with the help of online reviews. Blumen implements the online-review model to the higher education industry. Chile
Boosmap Boosmap is an urban logistics platform of On-Demand Delivery that gives the opportunity to consumers for ordering products from the best places in the city and have an independent contractor to accept and fullfill the order on behalf of them. Chile Buscaparking is a Mobile Payment for Parking in Latin America. People can search, compare and pay the parking. Available on Android and iOS. Chile
Camina Camina is a smart wristband that provides relief to a common problem that people suffering of Parkinson’s disease experience: freezing of gait. Soft vibration and light projection in the floor helps the user exit the freezing state, then data is used by the doctor to improve the undergoing treatment. Chile
ChatarraLibre Small volumes of valuable scrap, available throughout developing cities, are dismissed by industry players, being uneconomical to collect. People needing to get rid from scrap enter minimal information in our web platform. Pick-up routes are consolidated by geo-referencing sources.  We collect at clients door, and sell to steel companies. Chile
CityCop CityCop is a social GPS community watch app that enables you to fight crime, and protect yourself and your loved ones with real time alerts!

Report crimes in your community, choose your alert zones in the map and receive real time information of what is happening there!

Outsmarting crime. Together.

USA (United States of America)
CogniGolf Ltd. CogniGolf is a software solution that allows golfers of all levels to access and use elite level psychological skills training. Available to use on mobile devices, CogniGolf allows users to train golf-specific mental skills in just 5 minutes a day. Ireland
Colectigo Crowdsourcing platform to sponsor and expose professional athletes through the donation of kilometers. These kilometers come from tracking apps runners use on their daily exercise routine where they can post their contribution in social networks, exposing both the sponsored athlete and the sponsoring brand that provides the financial aid. Peru
COMERCIO 360 We are the solution to sell on the internet. We are re-inventing ecommerce giving you the power and control creating an all in one managing sistem which includes the first AI based virtual advisor, and incorporating all the tools you might need to sell on internet. Chile
Con Lupa Online like-new apparel Store, with up to 80% discount: the best brands, for kids from NB to 12 years. Through neat photographs to a fast shipping and responsive customer service, we will deliver savings to the segment of up to USD324 millions annually, having direct impact on 450.000 families. Chile
Contrato.Express We use technology to write tailored contracts at a fraction of a lawyer’s cost. From the interview to the signature the client spends 15 minutes. Brazil
Cronology Innovative paper made from limestone and plastic bottles, this will have a huge impact in CO2 emissions since cellulose will no longer be a main ingredient used in paper. We will provoke a revolution in the paper industry. Our paper can match any consistency and presentation achieved by cellulose paper. Mexico DaloPorHecho is a marketplace that categorizes, verifies and rates every type of service provider. Users can easily hire professional services with two options available to them: Set Price or Estimate. Argentina
Diddli Diddli is an online platform for Latin American college students that improves communication between same class peers, allows them to share useful resources for test preparation and offers an e-learning space with online classes based on a taylor made methodology. Peru
Dozzent Dozzent is the first interactive manual designed to museums and cultural institutions in Latin America. It is available on Android and iPhone and its function is to bring the cultural offer of each country to people. Argentina
DROP DROP is a portable device that reduces excessive sweating by applying small doses of electricity easily and automatically.  An app is connected with the device to take control of the progress of the treatment. Peru
EasyBox EasyBox is the Uber for garage sharing. Find and park in home garages nearby you, and only pay for the time you want. Be an EasyBox owner, and safely rent your garage when it is free with our smart lock. This is the next step for the sharing economy. Brazil
EasyPyme EasyPyme is a financial management platform for small and medium businesses. It connects automatically with financial institutions to extract companies’ earnings and expenses. Transactions are automatically categorized and showed in a simple cash flow and balance view.  EasyPyme also projects the company’s performance and future funding requirements. Chile
enovatRx e-novatRx is an e-pharmacy benefit management (ePBM) system that provides consumers cashless access to pre-discounted, quality medicines at a nationwide network of retail pharmacies.  Consumers also receive continuity of care via Electronic Medical Records linked to a ‘smart’ digital payment platform. USA (United States of America)
Excited Excited is the first ecommerce targeting to LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual). We want to win the market with assortment targeted to gay, great service, discreet shopping, pro-equality brand & partnerships. Mexico
Farmapp We are business intelligence for agriculture business and farmers. We integrate m2m solutions, mobile application and big data tools to monitor and keep on track all the different factors affecting crops such as: pests, unbalanced soil, extreme weather conditions and agrochemicals abuse. Colombia
Focoosin Focoosin is a smart assistant that helps people to identify and promote behaviors that lead to improve users performance on a daily basis. With this platform we want to help people to achieve their  goals more efficiently due Chile is one of the OECD countries who works longer hours. Chile
Genesis AR Our team are motivated by inadequate Augmented Reality (AR) products on the market. GenesisAR is built from the ground up to incorporate AR, so players can make full use of the power and excitement of AR. Smartphone’s will bring the cards to life, melding the analogue cards with digital gaming. Australia is a startup accelerated by Wayra Open Future, and received a special commendation by the US Embassy; It’s a platform for easy, fast, and affordable market research, where people exchange their opinions for rewards. Venezuela
Gigvy Gigvy allows worldwide companies to hire and work remotely with the top 5% most talented developers from South America. USA (United States of America)
Globistik Globistik is a collaborative platform that guides the importer through the different stages of the order, allowing the firm to apply international commerce best practices. Users receive alarms and notifications to respond timely to the order’s requirements. Globistik also connects the user with
freight forwarders and custom agents.
Huellas con Impacto Huellas is an information portal for families expecting babies or with children up to 5 years. We connect families with trustworthy and timely information about health issues and product choices during pregnancy and parenthood. Our vision is to become the digital hub of choice for Hispanic families. Colombia
ICM Hub ICM Hub is an artificial intelligence (AI) based solution to help passenger transport companies, who have trouble to keep up with increasing, frequent customer inquiries. ICM Hub provides an automated, best-in class and AI-powered customer correspondence, so that the service personnel can focus on the difficult customer interactions. USA (United States of America)
Inkspired Inkspired is an online tool for emerging writers to write, publish, crowdfund their amazing serial stories and connect with their readership. USA (United States of America)
IQ IQ is a software platform that empowers users to manage their own time while queuing at any given service. It allows users to access the queue remotely and follow-up their progress from their mobile device. It gives the user the freedom to wait wherever/however he prefers. Queue smart, IQ. Chile
Jettasoft Smart cargo load planning. Save space and time with the best cargo load plan.
Reduce costs and save money.
Journey Inc. Journey helps organizations pre-screen, hire, and retain the best employees using cost effective and efficient soft-skills assessment via simulations that combine psychometrics and artificial intelligence – and ultimately help companies maximize and optimize team performance based on key personality traits, leadership, and culture-fit. USA (United States of America)
Kidint Kidint is a mobile application of educative entertainment for children aged 0 through 7 years old that features interactive eBooks with questions and activities that promotes reading skills and help children to discover their own talents. It is the first eBook platform for small children developed in Latin America. Chile
Kilimo Big Data platform for irrigation management in extensive agriculture. Using field tests, satellite and meteorological data we provide the exact prescription for irrigation management. Argentina
Laika LAIKA is a free mobile and web application that fosters a collaborative adoption and a responsible pet ownership. We are a company that gives another opportunity to abandoned dogs of the world facilitating a simple tool to people for social change enhancing private and public entities. Chile
Latin Hosts Latin Hosts is an exclusive network of Airbnb properties that assists Hosts and Visitors from the moment of booking through the Visitor’s arrival, stay and departure. We supplement the work of each Host to ensure a better Visitor experience and provide Hosts with tools and services to maximize their income. USA (United States of America)
Learncafe Professional education marketplace focused on developing countries. A marketplace to intake courses for those whose need basic professional skills. Brazil
Learnhub Learnhub is a tool that helps schools do Project Based Learning.
It helps with the creation of projects, and tracks and analyzes learning and progress. Plus, it helps keep students, teachers, admins and parents in the loop of what’s going on in the classroom.
Licitaciones Inteligentes Licitaciones Inteligentes makes it easier for the private companies to sell their products and services to the government through our software that allows them to have key historic information to make better decisions, information like, how much does the government buys of your products, from who and at what prices. Costa Rica
livn Smart Irrigation Services Livn is a smart irrigation service that allows you to optimize your garden care. Thanks to it’s Artificial Intelligence, that integrates local sensors and weather data, it is capable of saving water, keeping your garden beautiful, and alerting  both users and/or service providers about problems in their gardens. Chile
LudiBuk LudiBuk is a digital library that offers a revolutionary reading experience for K-12 students, working to improve their reading comprehension and overall appetite for reading.
LudiBuk is like Scribd but solely for educational purposes.
Chile is a tool for entrepreneurs that allows to build MVPs with business model in less than a day, and without coding experience. Try with different business models, connect payment methods and hundreds of applications. Chile is a marketplace that helps people find the best exchange rates and negotiate directly with the dealers. Our users can also negotiate how much they’re willing to pay with the exchange dealers  using our online bidding system. Brazil
MESA 24/7 MESA 24/7 is a solution that helps diners book a table online at Top restaurants.  Diners receive $30 every 20 reservations as part of our loyalty program.
It also helps restaurant owners optimize and digitize their reservations, increase their diners’ knowledge to increase loyalty, and get online advertising.
My Yoga Studio Online (MYSO) The mission of MyYogaStudioOnline is to create an affordable, easy to use Online Yoga Studio for instructors and studios that serves as an extension of their on-site classes, allowing them  the opportunity to share their vision, give students added accessibility to classes, increase their visibility, and generate additional revenue. USA (United States of America) In MyWhizzy we are working on an electronic stethoscope with the thermomether funcionality, intended for parents, witch is going to evaltuale the child’s healts condidtion on the basis on the data collected. Poland
NANO Nano is a multiplatform digital entertainment company that engages its Latin-American audience with original short form videos on a daily basis. By using big data technology to create, distribute and optimize its videos, is redefining branded content, providing its clients with digital campaigns that are organic, flexible and cost-effective. Chile
Ninja® Mails We are Ninja® mails, a platform that uses a powerful algorithm and a big data engine to predict professional e-mail addresses.

It works as a regular email platform but recipients email addresses aren’t needed.

Spain is a meeting minutes tool that helps managers follow up meetings.

It synchronizes tasks between meeting notes, team members’s task list and other task/project management tools like Wunderlist, Trello or Atlassian Jira. saves time before and after meetings, gives a better
overview of progress and makes responsibilities clear.

Paga tu Profesional Pagatuprofesional allows independent professionals to receive payments with credit and debit cards. Professionals make sure they receive their payments and force the credit card companies to take default risk, not the professional.
The biggest benefits are that you can ensure your payments, advance your money and increase your sales.
Pageload Pageload is a Software as a Service product that transparently optimizes your ecommerce store. We increase your revenue by improving conversion, lower running costs and allow your technical team to spend time on other tasks than website optimization. Australia
Pathkan Labs Pathkan labs is a science platform of global collaboration with focus on biotechnology. It’s a cluster of digital tools to build virtual labs and outsource processes involved in research to a web  community, in order to optimize time and resources in science development. Chile
Peep Peep will gather all the relevant information that you need to know places that are unique, but also that give you access to audio tours with the secret stories about this places. This audio stories are activated with awareness location or can be downloaded for offline use as well. Chile
PeopleSpread PeopleSpread is a marketplace to actively search for social media influencers with +10,000 followers. It provides an indicator of price and demographics about followers. Marketers can request sponsored posts from influencers, pay them and also track results. USA (United States of America)
Pillow A playful intimacy iOS app for couples to feel close. You and your partner pick an episode, press play, and follow-along to audio-guided adventures together, in the comfort and privacy of your own bedroom. Pillow improves intimate communication, and inspires creativity. UK (United Kingdom)
Plan de obra Plan de Obra is a platform for the construction area, connecting subcontracting companies with construction projects. Subcontractors can access a construction’s requirements in order to offer their services during quotation periods, lessening commercial efforts. Chile
Plasma Nutrition Developing Advanced Nutritional Products Targeting Major Modern Health Issues, Using Patented Plasma-Based Technology USA (United States of America)
pornarchitecture Pornarchitecture is the first online marketplace of the building industry where all the stakeholders can meet to increase the number of opportunities and the overall quality of the service. Through an efficient database Architects and Companies gain in networking and Investor can ease building process with a time-saving solution. Germany
Portuspine Portuspine is a fitness device which analyses daily activities and sleep patterns, to make personalised recommendations and provide posture coaching. We provide suggestions to help improve posture and activities, which helps fight “sitting epidemic” and improve sleep, based on guidelines by WHO and CDC. “Move more, sit less, sleep better!”. India
qpler Sales management service for small and medium businesses based on accurate public data.
We simply sales processes such as opportunity prospection, customer profiling and opportunity reviews using industry insights.
No matter your business industry, we can help you to increase your customer portfolio and your revenue.
Ready2Rent Ready2Rent is an online marketplace to connect rental equipment renters and customers, giving everyone the possibility to leverage their idle equpment. Chile
ReciclApp ReciclApp is an App that links people that have reusable material with recyclers willing to remove and trade this material. Chile
Rhizomics Biotech Rhizomics is a biotech-based startup concerned about sustainable agriculture. Our contribution is to design solutions based on benefic microorganisms to improve Organic and Traditional Agriculture. Our products increase the efficiency of crops by reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are harmful for the environment. Chile
Seglico There are about 188.000 work related accidents per year in Chile.
In Seglico our goal si to lower this numbers by offering real time occupational safety monitoring and sending alarm events when the workers are not using the elements of personal protection provided to them.
SentioVR Mobile virtual reality is going mainstream.  But the VR world is fragmented by different hardware and content format.

Sentio is a cloud-based solution to visualise any VR content on any device built for businesses.

Shareboard Share, browse and download files from friends mobile without using the cloud, directly device to device.

It works on Mobile Data, WiFi and Internet. Even can operate without any network as well.

Show Me The Money SMTM gives updated and accurate information to individuals and businesses about the current Compensation & Benefits market trends and statistic data. We help individuals make better strategic decisions for their careers and help organisations attract and retain the best people for them. Chile
SIMA project SIMA (Modular Anthropomorphic Interactive System) . Its a technology which provide smartphone a robotic body with a full interactive interface, transforming our communication device on a full interactive robot. We´re focus on develop SIMA as an interactive platform for teach and learning, which use an app to control interaction. Chile
SpaceMunk SpaceMunk is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book inspiring workspaces – online or from a mobile phone.

It’s like AirBnB for shared workspaces,  which connects people looking for office-space with companies who have extra-office-space. Discover a creative-coworking-space nearby and rent by the hour,day, or month.

Swapig, Inc Swapig is a safe trading platform that improves people’s chances to get something they want for something they have.

An algorithm eliminates the need of reciprocity required in one-on-one trades, finding multi-reciprocal offers between N users. If N=3, A gives something to B, B to C, and C to A

USA (United States of America)
teatalk We’re connecting 1,500,000,000 English learners to directly learn from each other and improve their conversational skills simply by having a chat.

We do this to empower, connect and guide them to speak their mind using English in global conversations.

UK (United Kingdom)
The Bridge A new place for outstanding creative individuals to gather, connect and discover opportunities abroad.  We are a network for globally-minded professionals. Our mission is to connect people with international job opportunities at creative industries such as: digital, advertising and design. We build bridges for you to achieve your dreams. UK (United Kingdom)
TUCASAOK Empresa dedicada a la inspección profesional de propiedades, revisamos terminaciones e instalaciones. Nuestro fin es que el consumidor conozca el estado real de su propiedad y ejerza sus derechos sobre el bien que adquiere.
Es realizado al momento en que estas son entregadas, por inmobiliarias o por un antiguo dueño.
Tulpi Tulpi is a educational platform to help kids at the begging of school to have the right start in math, learning crucial math concepts using simple bottle caps as a magical way to interact and solve math challenges posed by interactive games. Peru
Umbo Umbo is a wireless projector that displays your agenda, weather, emails, news and others in your ceiling for when you wake up or anywhere in your home.
Umbo is built on open-source software so developers can build more apps and features to expand the use of the device .
USA (United States of America)
UNiO UNiO deliver to medium and large size companies a smart and automated energy management service for reducing costs and improve energy efficiency through collected energy consumption data. Enabling to foresee costs and demand, show consumption per device, sector and a report with possible actions to increase energy efficiency. Brazil
UPE Places UPE is an online platform that commercializes travel products by automating marketing and lead acquisition processes  and  humanizing sales and customer service processes in a scalable way. UPE focuses on the transitioning LATAM market that stills buy offline and build tools to help them to transition. Costa Rica
USETIME.CO USETIME is a productivity and project management  tool for local or remote employees that provides data analysis never available before.  USETIME is the only project management platform including automatic productivity reports, actual time invested projects, automatic calculation of project’s cost  and employee analytics that allow companies to be more competitive Colombia
VanHack VanHack helps tech talent get the soft skills and connections necessary to get jobs abroad. We’re a virtual school for developers, designers and digital marketers that prepares them for the international job market while helping companies find much needed tech talent to fuel their growth. Canada
VIRTŪ shared sense VIRTŪ shared sense is a for-profit social enterprise focused on innovating the way we produce, deliver and price, fair trade garments. Germany
WAAH WAAH is a digital booking platform that connects bands and venues.  It helps both parties to collaborate and communicate with each other more efficiently.  Bands get to play more shows and gain exposure while venues find the perfect fit and attract new customers. Chile
Waterless WC (WWC) Waterless WC is a novel toilet system, with a unique design and a working prototype fully operable. It has been designed under a different paradigm. The waterless toilet works by vacuum suction, like the airplane toilet system. The system is fully scalable and technically proven. Chile
Whole Genomes We provide personal genome services and interpretation of ‘clinically-actionable’ variants in 114 genes sanctioned by the ACMG.  We manufacture innovative single-cell whole genome sequencing technologies and provide B2B services for human, microbial, animal, plant and meta-genome analysis.  We curate your data enabling re-analysis as new knowledge is learned. Chile
Winemaking Control Wine Making Control designs, develops and sells internet-based monitoring and control systems for the winemaking industry.
Our FermControl solution connects the fermentation tank to the Internet, allowing the winemaker to track the whole alcoholic fermentation process from its Smartphones, minimizing cost, reducing risk and improving quality..
Work Ahead Most businesses are now concerned over working conditions in their supply chain to protect their brand and meet legal requirements. Work Ahead uses mobile technology to benchmark business performance against international labour standards. The data is gathered directly from employees and can be easily shared with customers and consumers. Finland
workis workis is an online plarform where people and businesses who offer temporary services can publish them so people looking for services can hire those. After work is done, both parties qualify each other helping new customers to find a worker who satisfy their expectations. Chile
Zappada Zappada is a mobile app. that allows musicians to capture their musical inspirations on the spot and to develop them to a song quickly, cheaply and collaboratively, simply by humming the idea. The end product is a multitrack, professionally sounding song mock-up. Chile

Start-Up Chile Alumni: The Cloudponics GroBox Brings Growing Cannabis Out of the Closet and Into Your Living Room

Powered by the Internet of Things, hydroponics and LED lights, the GroBox allows anyone to grow cannabis at home controlling everything from their phone.

March 19th, 2016 – Cloudponics has launched a pre-sale campaign for the GroBox, a fully automated app-controlled device that grows up to 6 cannabis plants from seed to harvest and allows anyone to grow at home without hassle.

The founders Pepijn van der Krogt (CEO) and Nicolas Ruiz (CPO) started the company in late 2014 looking to solve the difficulty of growing plants indoors. They ended up developing a powerful technology that produces high quality cannabis with high yields like you would expect from an expert grower, but with such an easy user experience that anyone can operate it from their phone.


Pepijn van der Krogt & Nicolas Ruiz

“I’ve been growing indoors with hydroponics for the past 8 years, and have experienced the joy of getting it right and producing great buds, as well as the frustration of getting it wrong and killing all my plants just a couple of weeks before harvest,” said Nicolas Ruiz, CPO of Cloudponics. “Cloudponics solves the highly complicated and time consuming tasks of daily checking pH, nutrient levels, temperature, humidity, water level and other vital aspects of plant growth by automating and controlling every parameter for optimal growth.”Cloudponics has completed the Start-Up Chile accelerator program in Chile and is an alumni of the Wearable IOT World Lab in San Francisco. They have partnerships with General Hydroponics and Black Dog LED, two leading companies developing hydroponic nutrients and grow lights specially tailored for cannabis growers.

“Our vision for the GroBox goes way beyond homegrown cannabis,” added Pepijn van der Krogt, CEO of Cloudponics.  “Our technology is designed for automating and controlling small sized cabinets as well as commercial food production sites and even restaurants. We believe that the future of personalized agriculture is near and involves hydroponics, LED lighting and Artificial Intelligence. The latter has not been developed until now.”

The GroBox is a refrigerator-sized appliance that is not only smart, but pretty as well. A sleek wooden finish makes it suitable for installing anywhere at home, quite the opposite of the ugly grow tents and cabinets growers have secretly kept in hiding until now. With more and more states legalizing cannabis grown at home, consumers can finally include the experience of growing their medicinal or recreational cannabis into their lifestyle. Just like eating a tomato grown in your backyard, there is something unique and compelling about consuming cannabis you grew in your living room.


The Cloudponics team is ready to go into production after a year of development and testing prototypes with excellent results (an average of 8 ounces of premium bud every 3 months). Crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo have strict rules for products being related to cannabis, so the GroBox is currently being pre-sold directly on their webpage and shipping is expected for this summer. Early adopters may purchase the GroBox for $1490 with a 40% discount off its retail price ($2490) until April 30th. Check out CLOUDPONICS VIDEO lockthe hilarious “medicinal tomatoes” GroBox Video Campaign

Cloudponics is an AgTech company based in San Francisco that develops technology that innovates how plants are grown. Currently the company offers two products focused on cannabis users — the GroBox (complete system) and the GroPro (controller for existing grow rooms). Cloudponics is also developing a heavy-duty controller for large, commercial grow operations.

blog tsf

Third call for The S Factory closes with record number of applications

With more than 500 applications, the Start-Up Chile pre-accelerator program reached a new record that showed both national and international interest in applying to The S Factory.


SANTIAGO, Chile.  March 2016-. After two weeks of application process, the pre-accelerator for female leaders continues to gain popularity among the best entrepreneurial ecosystems in the world. This time 513 entrepreneurs decided to be part of this process, hoping to be selected as one of the top 25 to companies to enter the program.


The amount of applications is a new record for the program, which increased in 50 the number of applicants compared to the last round. This tendency shows the increasing interest of females to built startups related to technology and science.


In this third process, the most represented country (among the 40 that participated) was Chile with 50% of the applications. The second country with more applicants was USA (7%), followed by Argentina (4%) and Brazil (4%).  Colombia, Mexico and Russia came 4th with 3%. At the same time, projects from Tunisia, Vietnam and the Philippines were also among the applicants.


Regarding industries, and continuing with the trend of the previous generations, e-commerce stands in first place with 19%, followed by education companies (12%) and Social Media (11 %).


The projects selected to be part of the third generation will start the program on June 20th. All founders must be in the country during that week to begin the guidance and experience process as entrepreneurs of The S Factory.


The program will last 12 weeks and the participants will have the opportunity to share with the Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs from all around the world. The selected projects will receive 10 million pesos (USD $ 16,000) with an intense weekly schedule to accelerate their ideas. This schedule includes courses, mentoring, pitch training, among others. In addition, foreign companies will receive a working visa for a year to come to Chile.


Once The S Factory program is completed, companies will be able to apply to the Start-Up Chile Seed fund, to grow and accelerate their previously validated businesses.

DD marzo 2016

Educational toy combining Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence wins Start-Up Chile Demo Day 

The startup “PleiQ” won the fourteenth generation’s Demo Day of Start-Up Chile. Edison Duran from Venezuela developed a device to stimulate the multiple intelligences of preschoolers and monitor their cognitive progress.

Flyer_DD_Seed (3)Santiago, Chile. March 2016. – This Thursday 10 of March, Start-Up Chile’s Demo Day was held in Santiago where the best projects of the entrepreneurship program had the opportunity to present their ideas in front of judges and investors.

After the presentations, the company that finally took the first place was PleiQ in the hands of physicist Edison Duran and his multi-disciplinary team. The educational toy consists in a set of 8 blocks and a companion mobile app that combines the physical and digital world, providing 48 3D multimedia and adaptive learning experiences currently available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

They won a round trip ticket to Silicon Valley thanks to our sponsor Transbank and one of the best chilean wines thanks to Veramonte.  “This award is thanks to Start-Up Chile who gave us the opportunity to trust even more that this could be possible and gave us the necessary resources to develop our project. We come from a country that is right now going through many economic and social difficulties, and having the opportunity to come to a country like Chile, which has opened the doors and has supported us in every way, has been crucial to realize that vision that we were already developing”, says Duran.

The second place was for the American Fathi Abdelsalam and his startup Akibah with GluCase, the first Smartphone case that integrates a glucose meter, test strips, and lancets, eliminating the need for a person with diabetes to carry bulky meters and test supplies. Finally, the third place was for the startup CINEMAD a web platform created by Juan Manuel Yañez that enriches video ads with interactive assets to improve the performance of the campaigns, having direct impact in ROI.

The nineteen startups that participated in the fourteenth version of Start-Up Chile Demo Day, had five minutes to present their business to investors, mentors and entrepreneurs.  After a few hours and through a secret assessment, “PleiQ” was crowned with the first place and a ticket to San Francisco thanks to Transbank.

Start-Up Chile’s Executive Director, Rocío Fonseca, pointed out that the quality of the projects was overwhelming: “They all have traction and impressed our judges and investors with the level of their pitches and innovative ideas”.

The judges Allan Jarry from DADNEO and David Alvo from NXTPLabs agreed that the Demo Day and the companies that presented their ideas far exceeded their expectations.

Meanwhile the winning company seeks to continue to grow globally; “we want to export PleiQ from Chile to the rest of the world and create an educational revolution in the nursery school system,” adds Edison Duran.


The winning projects



First Place PLEIQ:

ganadores dd 2016

PleIQ is a new kind of educational toy using Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to stimulate the multiple intelligences of preschoolers and monitor their cognitive progress. PleIQ is a toy set of 8 blocks and a companion mobile app that combines the physical and digital world, providing 48 3D multimedia and adaptive learning experiences currently available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


Second place AKIBAH/GluCase

segundo lugar lugar

Based in Silicon Valley, focuses on harnessing the power of mobile health technology and data science to give people the knowledge to live longer and healthier. AkibaH’s first product, GluCase, is the first smartphone case that integrates a glucose meter, test strips, and lancets, eliminating the need for a person with diabetes to carry bulky meters and test supplies. It uses a Bluetooth-linked app and cloud-based analytics to present glucose levels.

Third place CINEMAD

tercer lugar

Cinemad converts viewers into customers. They are a web platform to enrich video ads with interactive assets to improve the performance of the campaigns, having direct impact in ROI. Their interactive videos work under one “holly” concept, Frictionless. This idea allows viewers to reach the campaign purpose in one or two clicks. All the interactions are designed thinking in the user experience.


A un año de su lanzamiento, ha sido utilizada por 3 millones de usuarios

  •  La plataforma que permite buscar, comparar, cotizar y comprar pasajes de bus, cumplió en enero su primer aniversario y sus creadores aseguran que los chilenos están confiando cada vez más en la compra online de tickets.


  • El ahorro de tiempo y dinero al adquirir los boletos a través de la plataforma web y la app de smartphone, es fundamental para los usuarios.



Santiago, marzo, 2016.- A un año de su lanzamiento, la aplicación, que permite cotizar, comparar y comprar pasajes de bus, ya ha sido utilizada por más de 3 millones de usuarios. Dentro de los principales beneficios de utilizar esta plataforma, destacan el ahorro de tiempo y, sobre todo, de dinero, al ser utilizado desde su página web o desde un smartphone, sin la necesidad de ir directamente a las estaciones de buses.


Lennart Sönke Ruff, uno de los fundadores de, afirma que el ahorro no sólo es en términos de dinero, también en tiempo. “Tener la posibilidad de cotizar los pasajes y elegir tranquilamente desde el lugar donde te encuentres, sin tener que perder tiempo en filas, es un beneficio que sin dudas nuestros usuarios valoran y si a ello agregamos que, cotizando de esa forma, puedes gastar menos dinero, tenemos una ecuación que a la gente le hace sentido y lo agradece”.


En han visto un crecimiento constante desde el lanzamiento en enero de 2015 a la fecha, lo que indica que los chilenos, claramente, están prefiriendo el uso de la tecnología para la venta de pasajes, esto sin duda es un cambio en el comportamiento de los viajeros. Y es que, en las fechas críticas como vacaciones o fines de semana largo, las postales de los terminales de buses abarrotados de gente, son una imagen repetida. “Nuestra aplicación, en ese sentido, es una gran herramienta que les permite a las personas obtener un boleto de forma segura, rápida y cómoda, sin la necesidad de llegar a un terminal para realizar búsquedas infructuosas que demoran demasiado tiempo”, comenta Ruff. cuenta con una plataforma web y también con una app para Smartphone, en donde los usuarios pueden realizar sus cotizaciones y compras cómodamente, incluso, en estos meses de alta demanda, en donde se concentra la mayor venta de pasajes. Según las estadísticas de, el 40 por ciento de su demanda, se concentra en los meses de verano, teniendo como principales rutas de búsqueda en la página y aplicación, Santiago a Temuco, Santiago a Talca, y Santiago Puerto Montt, todas, con más de 200 mil búsquedas de tickets.



Esta aplicación fue una necesidad que visualizaron 5 viajeros alemanes cuando visitaron Chile como turistas hace unos años. En ese momento, sufrieron deambulando por los terminales de buses, en donde según cuentan, les costó comunicarse, cotizar y, sobre todo, comprar los pasajes que necesitaban para recorrer el país. Por ello, cuando regresaron nuevamente a Chile, crearon y desde que iniciaron este emprendimiento, a la fecha, 3 millones de usuarios han utilizado alguna de las versiones de la plataforma. De ellos, un 95% son chilenos y un 5% son extranjeros, siendo la aplicación para Smartphone la preferida para acceder a la plataforma. “Estamos contentos, porque recibimos constantemente feedback positivo de nuestros usuarios y esperamos que la venta de pasajes online siga creciendo en la senda que hemos visto en este año de vida que tiene”, afirma Ruff.

Roberto Musso, Juan Orlandi , Patricia Hansen, Andrea Palmer and  Gloria Maldonado

Revolutionary device for people with autism was selected as the best startup in The S Factory

 The startup “Reveal by Awake Labs” won The S Factory (TSF) 2nd Generation Pitch Finale. The Canadian startup competed against the top 10 proyects of the CORFO program centered in female founders.Revolutionary device for people with autism was selected as the best startup in The S Factory


SANTIAGO, Chile 2016. – On Thursday March 3rd, the best startups of the second generation of The S Factory presented their companies in front of recognized entrepreneurs and the investment community in Chile. The winner was “Reveal” founded by Andrea Palmer who was rewarded with prizes from Chivas and Transbank.


Reveal is the first device that tracks psychological indicators of anxiety in real time to predict emotional meltdowns in people with autism. The device immediately notifies parents so that they can intervene and prevent extreme situations.


After the pitches at “Pitch Finale”, the judges entered into a tough deliberation to decide on the winner. “Reveal, by Awake Labs” was chosen because of its innovative approach in tackling a real problem. “The S Factory has helped us tremendously with Awake Labs’ progress. Being here in the program allowed us to hire data scientists to develop our prototype, that I will be tested as soon as I get back to Vancouver”, said Palmer. “The S Factory is an amazing community of young entrepreneurs that really support each other during the whole program and I saw from really close how they were developing their projects during this 3 months “she added.


The Second place was for “Rhizomics” founded by the Chilean Daniela Salas, biotech venture focused on promoting sustainable agriculture. Third place was a tie between the two African teams in the program, both from Nigeria, on the one hand “Skrife” online platform for creating original content written for business and on the other hand “Beavly” project that seeks to break into the form of African informal learning, through a web platform that connects people wanting to learn new skills with professionals who accept payment of a fee to train them.


“After 12 weeks of hard work, the improvements are huge. Some of them came just with an idea and now they have a viable business model”, said Patricia Hansen, Executive Director of TSF.


Pitch Finale Winners


First place – Reveal by Awake Labs:  Awake Labs is committed to improve the lives of people living with autism. 1 in 68 people have an Autism Spectrum Disorder and 85% will require continued support throughout their entire lives.

Their first product is Reveal, a wearable device to measure anxiety for people on the autism spectrum. Reveal tracks the three leading physiological indicators of anxiety in real-time, in order to predict behavior meltdowns, notify a parent or caregiver so they can intervene and prevent the meltdown from happening. This can help improve attention in the classroom, increase independence, and improve transition to the workforce.

Second place – Rhizomics: A biotech-based startup concerned about sustainable agriculture. Our contribution is to design solutions based on benefic microorganisms to improve Organic and Traditional Agriculture. Our products increase the efficiency of crops by reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are harmful for the environment.

Third Place – Beavly: A web platform that connects people eager to learn new skills; with business professionals who accept fees to train people  in a physical and practical environment.  We seek to disrupt the informal learning industry in Africa by building a large marketplace that facilitates skills acquisition in small scale industries.

Third Place – Skrife: An online platform that creates original written content for businesses through our exclusive community of vetted freelance writers and editors.


Pre-acceleration program for startups with female founders announces a new application process

The S Factory, powered by Start-Up Chile, will open a new application process. Selected companies will receive $10 million CLP (around USD$14K) equity free and 3 months acceleration.


The program will allow selected startups to move to Chile and develop their ideas and prototypes alongside current program participants. Also, this represents a great opportunitie for international startups looking to grow in the Latin American market.


Santiago, February 24th.- Since women’s leadership in high-impact startups is still low compared with traditional small and medium business (SMB), last year (2015) Start-Up Chile created a new entrepreneurial program called The S Factory, a pre-accelerator specifically for teams with a female founders. Although female entrepreneurship is better in Chile than in other countries, there are still strong personal and cultural barriers that make it difficult to start a business led by female entrepreneurs.


The 12-week program will be powered by Start-Up Chile, so founders that are accepted will become part the largest and most diverse startup community in the world. Moreover, selected startups will receive 10 million Chilean pesos (about USD $14,000), courses, mentorship and pitch training to accelerate their ideas. Additionally, founders from outside of Chile will be granted a one-year working visa to come to Chile.


To qualify for selection, startups must be in a concept or prototype stage with less than 6 months of development and be led by a female founder.


Applications for the third generation of the program will be open from March 1st to March 15th and will accept a total of 20-30 startups. The application is open to startups from all countries.


For more information about The S Factory visit or


Día internacional de la mujer se celebrará por primera vez con foco tecnológico

  • El evento contará con expositoras mujeres que han triunfado en la industria tecnológica y un panel de conversación.
  • Las inscripciones son abiertas para mujeres en el sitio web


SANTIAGO, Marzo de 2016. En Chile, el 95,5% del rubro digital está integrado por hombres. Lejos de ser un obstáculo, esta cifra ha motivado a algunas organizaciones a trabajar en conjunto para incluir a la mujer en la revolución tecnológica y disminuir la brecha de género que existe en la industria.


Es así que Microsoft, Desafío Latam, Laboratoria Chile, Innovacien, IF Blanco y País Digital se unieron para celebrar el día internacional de la mujer con una perspectiva distinta: mujeres y tecnología. En este evento se quieren destacar casos exitosos de mujeres que han emprendido proyectos tecnológicos, como también la participación femenina en formación educacional enfocada al rubro, con el objetivo de incentivar a que más mujeres se involucren en la tecnología.


Habrá un panel de conversación que estará moderado por Soledad Onetto y participarán Patricia Hansen, Marisol Alarcón, Carolina Rivera y Josefa Vilarroel.


“Siempre me gustó la tecnología, pero no pude estudiar algo relacionado. Cuando aprendí sobre códigos, me di cuenta que algo despertó en mi, algo que me apasiona y que me ayuda superarme. Siento que el mundo de la tecnología es una fuente de oportunidades laborales para todas las mujeres que podemos transformar la industria y generar grandes cambios”, comentó Daniela Mora, ex alumna de Laboratoria Chile y expositora del evento, quien gracias a este emprendimiento social hoy día trabaja exitosamente en ILÓGICA como desarrolladora web. Además, se sigue capacitando como desarrolladora full-stack en Desafío Latam.


“Para Microsoft un pilar fundamental es el apoyo a los jóvenes, especialmente a las mujeres, lo que realizamos a través de nuestro programa Youthspark, con el cual en Chile ya hemos impactado a más de 2 mil jóvenes. Sabemos que existe un sinfín de oportunidades para las mujeres en el mundo de las tecnologías y buscamos animarlas a incursionar en este mundo que tanto tiene para ofrecer y que tanto necesita de ellas” comentó Alex Pessó, Director de asuntos corporativos de Microsoft Chile, afirmando su compromiso con la iniciativa.


El evento se llevará a cabo el martes 08 de marzo entre las 09:30 y las 12:00hrs en IF Blanco Recoleta (Av. Puma 1180, Recoleta). Para inscripciones y más información ingresar a

Mapa IF Blanco


More than 1900 startups applied to Start-Up Chile generation 16  

The Chilean government program showed both national and international interest in applying. Now YouNoodle judges have a hard job selecting 100 startups that will be part of Start-Up Chile’s Seed sixteen generation.


On February 16th at 23:59 (-3 GMT), Start-Up Chile Seed ended a successful application process, year after year the program continues to gain popularity among the best entrepreneurial ecosystems in the world. This time 1978 entrepreneurs decided to be part of this process, hoping to be selected as one of the top 100 to companies to enter the acceleration program. Also, more than 52% of them already have users or customers in their startups.




Startups looking to be part of the program came from 73 countries. Surprisingly, applications from African countries tripled since last process (startups from Egypt, Nigeria, Uganda are some of them). Chile took the first place with 45% of applications. The second was for Brazil with 11%, while the third place went to the United States with 9%.


Alumni from the most prestigious educational institutions in the world were also part of this application process. In Chile these were, the Pontificia Universidad Católica, Universidad de Chile and Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez. Alumni from universities in the United States of America also took part in the process, like Columbia, Stanford University and Harvard.




Regarding industries, 21% of the applications received are engaged in IT and Enterprise Software, 9% is dedicated to education, 8% is about Healthcare and 5% Tourism.


All 1978 applications now must go over an extensive evaluation process lead by YouNoodle and the Subcommittee on Entrepreneurship at Corfo. Once this process is complete, each applicant will be informed of his or her acceptance or rejection on 29th April 2016.



Alumni: se alía con especialista en inteligencia artificial para mejorar la actividad de las marcas en las redes sociales

En el día de ayer, Matías Nisenson, el CEO de la compañía anunció la contratación de Sebastián Giro, reconocido especialista en inteligencia artificial de origen argentino.


tiempy es la herramienta que permite a todo tipo de marcas, desde los más chicos emprendimientos, hasta marcas globales como Suzuki, administrar sus redes sociales de la manera más facil e inteligente.


El emprendimiento nació con la misión de analizar las redes de principio a fin, para que luego su complejo algoritmo elija los mejores momentos para que sus usuarios publiquen contenidos. Cuales son los mejores momentos? Aquellos en los que la mayor cantidad de personas visualizarán el contenido de tu marca, empresa, o startup.


Como parte de su proyecto de ayudar a todo tipo de usuario a mejorar la performance en las redes, ahora deciden inmiscuirse en las inteligencias artificiales, materia que está siendo aplicada en todo tipo de industrias, desde la medicina, hasta servicios de atención al cliente.


El especialista en IA ya está colaborando en el nuevo algoritmo que determinará los mejores momentos para publicar, en base a una serie de estadísticas que muy pronto estarán disponibles para los usuarios.


Muchas herramientas hoy en día brindan estadísticas sobre los perfiles sociales de los usuarios, la diferencia en este caso, y gracias a esta nueva tecnología, es que las estadísticas serán interpretadas y actuarán de manera automática en los futuros posts de la marca o el usuario.


“De esta manera – y señala una interfaz con estadísticas –  optimizaremos los procesos, logrando que un mayor porcentaje del público de las redes, visualicen nuestro contenido!


Estemos atentos, la inteligencia artificial pronto estará en todos y cada uno de las herramientas que utilizamos, es solo cuestión de tiempo.” dice Sebastián, el experto.


La compañía, por su parte, continúa con sus planes de expansión por Latinoamérica y Europa, manteniéndose en la vanguardia de la tecnología y la innovación en herramientas para redes sociales.
Tiempy está disponible con todas sus funcionalidades en, y se espera que para Marzo ya cuente con su módulo estadístico y auto-optimizado.