Alumni: se alía con especialista en inteligencia artificial para mejorar la actividad de las marcas en las redes sociales

En el día de ayer, Matías Nisenson, el CEO de la compañía anunció la contratación de Sebastián Giro, reconocido especialista en inteligencia artificial de origen argentino.


tiempy es la herramienta que permite a todo tipo de marcas, desde los más chicos emprendimientos, hasta marcas globales como Suzuki, administrar sus redes sociales de la manera más facil e inteligente.


El emprendimiento nació con la misión de analizar las redes de principio a fin, para que luego su complejo algoritmo elija los mejores momentos para que sus usuarios publiquen contenidos. Cuales son los mejores momentos? Aquellos en los que la mayor cantidad de personas visualizarán el contenido de tu marca, empresa, o startup.


Como parte de su proyecto de ayudar a todo tipo de usuario a mejorar la performance en las redes, ahora deciden inmiscuirse en las inteligencias artificiales, materia que está siendo aplicada en todo tipo de industrias, desde la medicina, hasta servicios de atención al cliente.


El especialista en IA ya está colaborando en el nuevo algoritmo que determinará los mejores momentos para publicar, en base a una serie de estadísticas que muy pronto estarán disponibles para los usuarios.


Muchas herramientas hoy en día brindan estadísticas sobre los perfiles sociales de los usuarios, la diferencia en este caso, y gracias a esta nueva tecnología, es que las estadísticas serán interpretadas y actuarán de manera automática en los futuros posts de la marca o el usuario.


“De esta manera – y señala una interfaz con estadísticas –  optimizaremos los procesos, logrando que un mayor porcentaje del público de las redes, visualicen nuestro contenido!


Estemos atentos, la inteligencia artificial pronto estará en todos y cada uno de las herramientas que utilizamos, es solo cuestión de tiempo.” dice Sebastián, el experto.


La compañía, por su parte, continúa con sus planes de expansión por Latinoamérica y Europa, manteniéndose en la vanguardia de la tecnología y la innovación en herramientas para redes sociales.
Tiempy está disponible con todas sus funcionalidades en, y se espera que para Marzo ya cuente con su módulo estadístico y auto-optimizado.


Language App wins Start-Up Chile Demo Day

The startup “Spoken” won the thirteenth generation’s Demo Day of Start-Up Chile.  Michael Bond developed a predictive speech app to help communicate to people suffering from aphasia; a brain disorder that does not allow them to express themselves properly.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

From left to right: Jae-Hyung Lee (Stratio) Michael Bond (Spoken) and Cristina Acuña (Styrocycler)


On the occasion the Executive Director of Start-Up Chile, Rocío Fonseca, introduced the new Investor Club of the programme: “It is an instance of closer ties between entrepreneurs and investors, where those seeking to destine resources to startups can know now from the beginning who the entrepreneurs are and connect with them quickly and easily, “said Fonseca.


After the presentations, the company that finally took the first place in Demo Day was Spoken in the hands of digital designer and developer, Michael Bond. Spoken is a predictive speech app that uses big data, machine learning, and user-centered design to reach global markets in multiple languages. “It was great to share the stage with so many exciting startups – winning feels a lot better when your competition is so good. We’ve made a lot of progress here in Santiago, thanks to Start-up Chile, and we’ll be launching our English version in the US in January. We’ll begin testing our Spanish version in a few weeks, which should arrive in early 2016.”, said Michael.



The second place was for the Chilean Cristina Acuña  and her startup Styrocycler, while the third place  was for the Korean-American startup Stratio created by  Jae-Hyung Lee.


Nineteen startups participated in the thirteenth version of Start-Up Chile Demo Day,  each had five minutes to present their business to investors, mentors and entrepreneurs. After a few hours and through a secret assessment, “Spoken” was crowned with the first place.


Fundación Imagen de Chile also attended the event through its Executive Director Myriam Gomez, who pointed out this instances as very fruitful for the country; “Initiatives such as Start-up Chile demonstrate the ability of our country to attract entrepreneurs from around the world, positioning us internationally and even making this model a benchmark for other nations. This is key in the country. A well achieved image is synonymous with development and decisive factor of competitiveness. ”


International judges Manish Singhal, Jagruti Bhikha and Alex Santana agreed that the Demo Day and the companies that presented their ideas far exceeded their expectations.




About the Startups


First Place SPOKEN: A predictive speech app for aphasia and other communication disorders. It uses big data, machine learning and user-centered design to reach underserved global markets in multiple languages



Second place STYROCYCLER:  Styrocycler is a project that aims to solve a major problem for the industries that produce waste EPS. EPS is a non-biodegradable plastic and is not recycled currently in Chile due to its enormous transportation costs. The reason is that EPS has a very large ratio of volume / mass, since over 95% of it is just air. To solve this problem, Styrocycler has designed a process to reduce the volume of EPS, so instead of forty trucks to move an amount of this waste material, you can now use only one. This means that they designed the cheaper and easier way to recycle EPS. To put this technology into the market, Styrocycler buys waste of EPS and with their innovative technology and reduce the volume making high quality paint that can be sold back into the market.


Third place STRATIO: Stratio developed based Wavelength Infrared (SWIR) image sensors and hyperspectral imaging systems for initial product (Product name: LinkSquare). LinkSquare is a consumer device that allows people to analyze the objects and materials around them. LinkSquare is a small accessory hardware smartphone includes a light source, optical components (mirrors and prisms) and an image sensor. The key to success is its low cost. LinkSquare and SWIR image sensor lets you capture wavelengths beyond what the eye can see.


Start-Up Chile Alumni: Motus, Creative Motion Enhancer, unleashing the power of motion

Bow without strings, play synths without pressing the keys. An exciting and simple, yet intelligent wireless musical instrument converts motion gestures to sounds.



TZM Creative Lab introduces their first product, Motus – Creative Motion Enhancer. A wireless device converting motion to sound, a creative tool for professional musicians, dancers and artists, an intelligent toy for kids and grown-ups. Available on crowdfunding campaign now, for less than $100.

Motus is a mobile wireless device that turns motion to sound. In human’s language, it allows users to literally play music in the air. No keys, buttons or knobs. While holding Motus in hand, user can play the note and at the same time change it’s timbre by using different motion gestures. Instead of defining single way to play Motus, we simply offer different interaction rules. While loading a different Motus instrument, you’re redefining what it will be – shaker, air drums, violin or something else. Use each instrument just as you would in reality. Motus technology tracks user’s free movements, extracts the most important motion features (e.g. velocity, dynamics, displacement) and maps them to different sounds. It can be a real-time generated sounds, prerecorded material or even sound and light effects. The size of Motus is optimal for easy handling and excellent control.


“By developing Motus we are keen to engage more people to explore new possibilities of being creative. It started as a tool that expands musical performance, however later we saw it has very broad use cases, e.g. dance, performing arts, or just having fun for people that have no connection with music at all. Anyone who is willing to experiment with digital sound is hindered by the process. Therefore, we did reverse the whole thing and made it approachable in a simple and exciting way, by using motion as a natural input into digital sound synthesis. The space around you becomes a touchless surface, a canvas you can interact with and explore. Motion with Motus turns the air into a keyboard, fret board, djembe skin, drum pads, violin bow, etc. The movement is a key to play and experiment with sound in real-time whether during casual time outdoors or on stage.” – said Mindaugas Badokas founder of TZM Creative Lab. “Motus is also, in part, about community. We seek to empower motion to open up more possibilities of creativity in sound exploration and gather the whole community which keeps that alive. Where anyone can take part from professional musicians to dancers, from grown-ups to kids (even 30 years-old kids).”


Motus Classic is out-of-the-box device and can be explored instantly by anyone. It provides full Motus experience, however it should not be used for professional applications.

Motus Pro is made for professional performers, it comes with an external Bridg receiver and precision sensors, its connectivity rage is up to 30 meters and possibility to connect up to 12 devices simultaneously. It is a perfect fit for using on stage and demanding tasks of any performance.

Motus Hacker is offered for the adventurous DIY enthusiasts seeking to make their own customized device, it comes without usual body and each part has to be soldered together by the user. Depending on added elements it may be used on stage, however this is highly variable, therefore it is not recommended for professional application but more for the experimentalists.



Motus comes together with its software, where users are able to select Motus instruments and play them instantly. It as well can be used as a controller with any DAW of choice—it is compatible with MIDI, OSC andReWire. Ableton Live users will be provided with M4L device to make the set-up easier. Max users will be offered a pack of externals and abstractions.

In contemporary dance scene for 2 years

Usually dancer follows the music and technicians follows the dancer to implement the image and audible atmosphere of the show. Motus enables dancers to directly control and improvise with sound, live visuals or lighting. Dance troupe Aura has been using Motus prototype for the past three seasons in the play “Make a Switch from me”, which was premiered in Italy, Lithuania and Poland. Composer found Motus being a versatile tool. “Motus helps to communicate message faster and gives an opportunity to expand your fantasy but still keep the audience in it.”, explained Antanas Jasenka, Composer.

Motus not only provided an immersive experience for the audience but as well for the dancers. Francesco Dalmasso, dancer at Aura Dance Theatre said “You have really close connection that you’re actually creating the choreography yourself and at the same time creating the music, sounds, so you’re both – choreographer and composer and a dancer. It’s very rich.”

Dance troupe Aura has been using Motus prototype for the past three seasons in the play “Make a Switch from me”

Coolgarden – the app store for Motus

TZM Creative Lab will be opening a standardized platform, Coolgarden – app store for Motus. Coolgarden is a place where Motus users will be able to find all Motus instruments and creative applications. Therefore, developers are invited to develop Motus instruments and offer them for Motus users through Coolgarden. Developers can offer everything from synths, audio effects, visual generators or interactive games which can be monetized or free for users.

Embedding latest technologies

In the last years scientific approaches to human-computer interfaces and interactions for musical performance gained increasing attention from scholars. Some of the reasons for this are computational speed progress and microcontrollers price drop, which have opened new possibilities in the realm of real-time musical interactions. Motus is an outcome of many experiments and scientific endeavors. We’re bringing cutting edge technologies straight to the user. By doing this we can exit alpha stage faster and implement exciting features found only in scientific papers and research facilities.

Available on crowdfunding

Motus was launched on a self-starter crowdfunding campaign on 21th of October. The company seeks to reach its crowdfunding goal of $28,000 in 30-day period until the 20th of November. During a campaign Motus devices are offered for an introductory price starting from $80. First supporters will be able to purchase a limited number of devices for even more discounted price. The collected funds will be used for securing first batch of production: finalizing the product, setting up manufacturing and future development.

Image gallery


Playing Motus in northwest, San Francisco
Playing Motus in northwest, San Francisco

Motus can be used as a Midi controller

Playing Motus in Busteni, RomaniaPlaying Motus in Busteni, Romania

Playing Motus near Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CAPlaying Motus near Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

aura-repke4Theatre Composer Antanas Jasenka using Motus in Rehearsal, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2014

Contemporary dance artist Maciej Piotr Beczek playing Motus in Rehearsal, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2014Contemporary dance artist Maciej Piotr Beczek playing Motus in Rehearsal, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2014

Francesco Dalmasso playing Motus in contemporary dance performance, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2015Francesco Dalmasso playing Motus in contemporary dance performance, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2015

Anna Karen Gonzalez Huesca playing Motus in contemporary dance performance, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2015Anna Karen Gonzalez Huesca playing Motus in contemporary dance performance, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2015

Performance with Motus by dance theatre Aura, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2014Performance with Motus by dance theatre Aura, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2014

Israel Salzal Playing Motus in contemporary dance performance, Vilnius, LithuaniaIsrael Salzal Playing Motus in contemporary dance performance, Vilnius, Lithuania. 2015

Motus is using multiple sensors, frame from Motus crowdfunding videoMotus is using multiple sensors, frame from Motus crowdfunding video

Motion processing is done in Motus software, frame from Motus crowdfunding videoMotion processing is done in Motus software, frame from Motus crowdfunding video


Start-Up Chile Alumni: Meshh suma clientes en Chile y se expande en Latinoamérica

Meshh es una herramienta para agencias digitales que calcula el market share de una marca en las redes sociales. Su algoritmo analiza la identidad de las personas activas en facebook. “Iniciamos el programa de Start-Up Chile a comienzos de 2015 con un prototipo y algunas pruebas realizadas junto a agencias en Argentina.  El desafío tecnológico no era menor, estábamos en busca de un dato que, para ser sincero, redes sociales como facebook no quieren dar: el número de personas activas”. Menciona Rafael Carrascosa, CTO de Meshh.




“Start-Up Chile fue fundamental para desarrollar el mvp y sumar a los primeros usuarios/clientes de Meshh. En ese sentido, Chile es ideal para crear nuevos productos e innovación por dos motivos: por un lado hay muchos early adopters buscando sumar nuevas herramientas. Por el otro, el tamaño moderado que tiene el mercado permite realizar reportes sin consumir grandes cantidades de recursos”. Menciona Yair Namur, Project Leader de Meshh.


Hoy la startup comercializa su primer producto desde Chile para todo Latinoamérica. Si bien el principal mercado es el chileno, muchas agencias de Uruguay, Argentina, Costa Rica, Colombia y Panamá ya utilizan su tecnología. Los datos se procesan en Chile y son entregados mensualmente a cada agencia. “A este ritmo, para 2016,  no quedará país en Latinoamérica donde no tengamos operaciones. Y es que cada nueva agencia que comienza a utilizar Meshh, se convierte en un evangelizador de la herramienta: es útil, única, práctica y funciona de forma automática. La verdad  es que se vende como pan caliente”. Agrega Yair.


Meshh planea ser una herramienta de analítica imprescindible para social media managers de la región y luego quieren apuntar a Europa y EEUU a mediados de 2016.


Start-Up Chile Alumni: Lectios selected by Google for the Google Launchpad Week

Lectios is one of the 15 startups selected by Google to participate in the first Google Launchpad Week ever organized in Italy, to be held in Milan, from the 23rd­ to the 27th November 2015




Lectios, a startup of Generation 12 that has just finished the SUP acceleration program, will participate in the Google Launchpad Week, a boot camp for early stage startups that focuses on critical startup topics, such as product strategy and business development, user experience and user interface, technology, marketing and presentation skills. Each day is dedicated to a specific topic and structured around overview talks and one­on­one mentorships sessions with top­notch external and Google internal mentors. The goal is to achieve rapid progress in a very short time.


Launchpad Week is designed to support the local ecosystem and adding value to existing accelerator and incubator programs. This is the first time Google Launchpad Week is held in Italy, but the format already runs in multiple countries on a regular basis, including Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Mexico City, Madrid, Bogota, Bengaluru, St Petersburg, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Helsinki, Warsaw, Tokyo, Singapore and London.


Google Launchpad Week is part of the global Launchpad program ( It provides startups in all stages with resources, online content, mentorship and training they need to succeed.


The first Italian Launchpad Week will be focused on the publishing industry (the target market of Lectios) that is living a heavy crysis all over the world and that is trying, together with Google, to innovate this sector as well as to find new business opportunities.


But what is Lectios? Lectios is a software that turns web contents into high quality audio streams, allowing publishers and site owners to open to a new audience (not just readers but also listeners) and to generate a brand new stream of revenues by adding audio advertising before and between the articles.


Lectios innovates the way of offering contents ­specially to a mobile audience­ and it gives people a new way to enjoy web contents, each time they need to have information on­the­go.


The next step for Chile? Cross-sector and cross-regional innovation, led by The Huddle

According to the 2013 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), Chile leads the OECD with the highest rate of entrepreneurship in the world. “With a total 23.4% of Chileans between the ages of 18 and 64 reports having starting a new business.”


The Huddle facebook post #2


Yet while it has a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem that attracts startups from all over the world, these resources, stories and role models are not as accessible or relatable to low income communities and regions across Chile. As CORFO notes, “…the profile of Chilean entrepreneurs… are largely men around the age of 40. They belong to the middle class, have completed university-level studies, and own businesses in the customer service sector.”


Chile is ready for the next step, which means a more inclusive community of entrepreneurship and innovation. According to network scientists “simply being in an open network instead of a closed one is the best predictor of career success.” Thus, an open and diverse network is crucial to the development and growth of entrepreneurship and innovation in Chile.


This is exactly why The Huddle was created. In collaboration with Start-Up Chile, iF, CoLab and Mujeres del Pacifico, and mentored by ASECH board member Fernanda Vicente, The Huddle is aiming to foster a community of cross-sector and cross-regional innovators. Through a nomination process involving 75 NGOs, foundations, universities, and government programs throughout regions north and south in Chile, 20 innovators under the age of 30 will be selected to attend a workshop on November 28th and 29th.


Facilitated by iF’s Academia de la Felicidad co-creator Fran Ruiz, during the workshop, the “huddlers” will discover their collective purpose, learn innovation methodologies, and co-create a “playbook” for more a more inclusive future of innovation in Chile. Unlike typical awards ceremonies which focus on exclusive individual accolades rather than sustainable impact, The Huddle is centered around growing a widespread community. The huddlers activate the community in coming together for the workshop and then grows virally beyond the workshop through the playbook and pop-up huddles to activate and engage young people in disciplines of all shapes and sizes across the country. Additionally, footage and interviews from the workshop will be produced into a video series to promote the The Huddle’s message of inclusive innovation to a wider audience. Join The Huddle in creating a more inclusive community of innovation in Chile!


If you’re interested in applying or nominating someone who should, you can find more information here. The deadline for applying to The Huddle is November 4th.


If you are interested in collaborating with The Huddle as an official partner or sponsor, email



We have the results for the new generation of The S Factory

The startups led by women entrepreneurs will receive 10 million pesos (about US$ 15.000) and a 12-month working visa to come to Chile and be part of the second generation of the program.




After the application process of the 2nd generation, which took place in August and September, 27 young startups led by women entrepreneurs have been selected to be part of the community.


In the second generation, most of the participants come from Chile (10). Other countries represented are United States (2), Argentina (2), India (2), Nigeria (2), Germany (2), Austria (1), Finland (1), Canada (1), Mexico (1), Australia (1), Ghana (1) and Spain (1).


Regarding the industries the most represented are IT & Enterprise Software (28,6%), Healthcare & Biotechnology (18%), Education (14%), E-commerce (11%), Social Media/Social Network (7%), Energy & Clean Tech (3%),  among others.


All of the startups are led and have been founded by women: this is part of the requirements to be selected. The S Factory is part of the few acceleration programs that is only dedicated to women founders.


The companies selected for the 2nd generation will start the program on the 23rd of November 2016. During the first week, they will be orientated by the team, that takes care of the soft landing process.


As a requirement, entrepreneurs must stay in the country for the 3-month length of the program and help in the social impact of entrepreneurship through sharing experiences and knowledge with other startups and outside the program in order to grow the women entrepreneurs network in Chile.


At the end of the pre-acceleration process, they will have the chance to apply to Start-Up Chile – the parent fund – that offers CLP 20 million (~ US $35.000) and then eventually to the follow-on fund SCALE that provides the companies that have significant traction, are generating revenue and that need the extra capital to grow in Chile and expand to the rest of Latin America with CLP 60 million (~ US $100.000).


The goal, during the 3-month length of the program, is to build their startups, a network and to participate in the local entrepreneurship ecosystem. To do so, the women will be part of the biggest startup community in the world, will be mentored and will participate in workshops covering all the knowledge they will need to run their businesses successfully.


If you want to know more about the First Generation, please go HERE


Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new generation


Startup Name

Public Description

Founder´s nationality

The interactive classroom (TIC) TIC will allow students to learn through gamification and interaction with the physical world. It is a brand new concept that responds to the new teaching methodologies that are emerging around the world. It revolutionizes the way in which students acquire new knowledge through hands on activities and experimentation.      Argentina
People Spread The homepage is a search tool to find social media influencers with +5000 followers together with an indicator of price, customer segment and level of engagement. It provides startups with the ability to request sponsored posts, then accept/ decline the posts the influencers propose and, when accepted, make a payment.      Argentina Connect with travellers doing similar things to you. Organise trips, share expenses, have new adventures. Travelist allows you to search for trips you’d like to do, or post your own with an activity, place, and time. You can then connect, travel and share the experience together.        Australia
Teca *Cloud Inventory Management* Cloud inventory management tool that empowers “shop-around-the-corner” owners and managers through an intuitive and affordable tool for them to be competitive in a fast-developing connected world. TECA performs all automated tasks and allows to remotely make inventory-related decisions based on real-time data, so retailers can focus their time on growth      Austria
Reveal by Awake Labs Reveal is a wearable device to predict behaviour meltdowns for children with autism. It tracks the three leading indicators of anxiety in real-time in order to send a notification to a caregiver’s smartphone, so they can intervene and prevent the meltdown.       Canada
GetFlowy GetFlowy is a one-stop B2B SaaS platform for international commerce. GetFlowy revolutionizes the way firms, especially small and medium ones, conduct international commerce. GetFlowy tracks international orders, sending notifications of required actions, allowing them to flow smoothly from start to finish. GetFlowy also connects users with a network of partners.      Chile
StemPatch Stempatch is a kit designed to manufacture a stem cell derived patch for patients with chronic and acute skin wounds. This kit allows manufacture the patch into the same medical center where it will be applied and with own stem cell of the patient.       Chile
hourJOB Mobile App that offers hourly jobs for undergraduate student with SME. It allows students search according to their availability and geographic proximity, and to SMEs to find a low cost solution with less contractual complexity.      Chile
WAAH WAAH is a digital platform where fan can connect with producers to vote for their favorite band for an supporting act. This is a new way to communicate and reveal music trends around the world.       Chile
AFLOX Aflox is a product that diminishes the levels of a toxin present in certain kind of foods affecting health of consumers. Our product improves quality standards decreasing losses associated to this toxin thus enhancing the food commercialization.      Chile
TAC Translation Solution The Remote Simultaneous Interpretion service will be the new way of translating international seminars, congresses and meetings, by interpreters connected online through a computer to the location, increasing language availability and the use of interpreters from all regions of the country and the world, eliminating interpreters’ booths and reducing costs.      Chile
Quote Agenda A supply Portal for subcontractor companies and design materials; a place to access a complete and clear supply, with contact information and résumés. The quote applicants send all the pertinent information to the provider, and is registered into an agenda, where follow-up and deadline fulfillment confirmations are performed.      Chile
LifKetrawe We are a team formed by three biochemists concerned about the environment and health. Our contribution is to design biotechnological solutions based on benefic microorganisms to improve Organic Agriculture. Our products will reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are harmful for the environment      Chile
Bioplastico Manufacture Biodegradable packaging make of grapes skin for the food industry, biodegradable, compostable and eco friendly for de environment.      Chile
Smart Consumer We believe that all people regardless of their social class, gender and location, are entitled to access  information and tools to make better decisions in managing their money. Smart Consumer’s a financial empowerment program that seeks to increase this capacity in people, using knowledge of behavioral economics and personal finance.      Chile
Igluz Igluz is a virtual self managment showcase for small local producers and sellers. Before the acceptance we do a very thorough selection of the items. We only accept good quality  chilean products.      Chile
Anyone Anyone makes it easy to interview anyone in the world instantly from your smartphone. We help companies get local, high-quality insights on-demand: interview any type of person for qualitative research within 5 minutes using video chat, with real-time voice translation and a trust-based rating and matching system.       Finland
Anticip8 Analytics Anticip8 Analytics is going to help providers of renewable energies predict their energy output 24 hours in advance by using non-traditional computing for more accurate weather forecasts.      Germany
Melanie Langlotz Geo AR Games combines GPS coordinates with Augmented Reality to create digital outdoor games that motivate screen addicted kids to play outdoors. Imagine a giant Playstation in a park which allows kids to build their own 3D theme Parks and design motion games which they can play with their friends      Germany
Girlfrynd Girlfrynd is that must-have app for every woman. Girlfrynd  provides daily lifestyle and health tips, with a calculator for that time of the month. Women can also buy and sell pre-owned fashion items or find a personal stylist for that special occasion. Lifestyle isn’t just fashion, it’s healthy fashion!      Ghana
Loyagram Loyagram leverage the power of  Predictive Analytics to help Small and Medium Businesses to grow bigger by identifying their most loyal and high value customers and target them with right message at the right time with right products.        India
HelloMeets Helping people meet achievers in their field – one event at a time.      India
Lickos Lickos offers trusted/verified dog sitters, boarders and walkers, three services and limited vet guarantee in case of accidents. It promotes animal welfare offering a cage-free service in open spaces without kennels. Owners choose the ideal walker, sitter or boarder depending on budget, location, experience; book and pay through the website.      Mexico
500Apprentices  500Apprentices helps skill seekers discover available and affordable apprenticeships  to help empower  themselves with knowledge and start successful businesses.
We seek to create a large market place which caters for the skills of the informal sector to help reduce the rate of unemployment.
Content On Demand Content On Demand is a web and mobile application that helps businesses easily create original content. With record/upload buttons on the homepage, users can speak about what they want written, and receive well-written and publishable copy in two days (max).      Nigeria
BoxCV Box cv replaces the traditional “send your resume to my email” for “send your resume to my BoxCv” keeping them in a orderly cloud system by tags helping with the clasification.      Spain
Lifesavory Lifesavory makes it easy to learn how to cook nutritiously. We offer programs as short as 10-days to revamp a diet to paleo or gluten-free. Programs include on-demand recipe videos, interactive chef-led online classes, and ingredient delivery.      United States
Global Engineering & Exploration Counselors The vision of GEECs is to start a movement of citizen explorers engineering modern exploration tools and adding to our knowledge of our world. Our first program is Girls Underwater Robot Camp, instilling young women with confidence to join non-traditional engineering and exploration careers.      United States


For more information about The S Factory, please visit


Telefónica I+D Chile te invita a participar en el primer desafío IoT en Agro

El objetivo es ayudar a erradicar las polillas Lobesia Botrana, plaga que afecta  principalmente a viñedos y otras producciones como cereza, olivas y kiwis.



Santiago, 20 de octubre de 2015.- Desde el año 2008 el SAG considera como plaga la polilla Lobesia Botrana, que produce grave daño fitosanitario en el sector agrícola y ataca principalmente los viñedos y producciones de cereza, olivas, duraznos, granadas, kiwis, grosellas, berries y caquis, entre otros, lo que constituye un serio riesgo para la exportación de estos productos.


Actualmente la plaga se intenta controlar mediante un sistema de captura y conteo presencial en trampas que atraen a las especies con feromonas para contarlas manualmente. Para lo cual un dispositivo remoto permitiría un control más exhaustivo y eficiente.


Con ese objetivo, el Centro I+D de Telefónica Chile, en alianza con la Universidad del Desarrollo y con el apoyo de Corfo, invitan a participar en el primer desafío de Internet de las Cosas en agricultura, para desarrollar un dispositivo capaz de contar polillas remotamente.


Telefónica I+D Chile destinará USD 10.000 para desarrollar un prototipo funcional en cada una de las propuestas seleccionadas.


“El centro materializa a través de este desafío su esfuerzo por dinamizar el ecosistema en torno al Internet de las Cosas. Este es sólo un camino de los varios que estamos desarrollando para motivar el emprendimiento y la innovación con impactos significativos en las industrias claves del país”, sostuvo Boris Martínez, gerente de desarrollo de ecosistema en Telefónica I+D Chile.


Quienes deseen participar, tienen plazo hasta el 13 de noviembre. Para más información ingresa a


Start-Up Chile Alumni: From Israel to Chile, SayYeah Keeps Capturing Attention Around The World

Santiago, Chile, Oct 20th, 2015 / WISEgroup/ — SayYeah, the award-winning start-up of the Wolves Summit Poland and part of AltaClub Israel, today announced it has joined Start-Up Chile.


Just a month after announcing joining AltaClub part of AltaIR VC in Israel, SayYeah captured the attention of the Chilean government through its program Start-Up Chile, a program looking to help startups from around the world to be part of the local market and help them in the process of raising investment.


Thousands of young companies from around the world had applied to this program created by the government, but just a few are selected to be part of it. Entrepreneurs with great ideas and startups with a huge potential are stimulated to create scalable businesses contributing to the local economy and to expand their ideas into a global markets.


SayYeah integrated by CEO – Paul Bojarski, CCO – Gabo Ramos, COO – Jonny Williams and CTO – Aron Yechezkel and its innovative platform are looking to change the way people watch and interact with digital content, bringing different worlds such as entertainment, live streaming and social networks all together in a whole new experience. Its proposal is already getting the attention of big brands, media groups, celebrities and major record labels in the European and US Markets. The platform is still in a beta version, but already had a great deal with a company part of Sony Pictures, not too bad for a young company that has already more than a hundred celebrities and artist from Latin-American signed and ready to use the platform that will launch the official version in Europe in 2016.


“Being part of Start-Up Chile represents for us, not just a huge help in our process but the recognition from Chilean government letting us be part of this program is an honour” commented COO Jonny Williams.


Start-Up Chile Alumni: BarterSugar Launches Online Trade and Barter Marketplace Free registrations allow startups to easily trade products, services and space

BarterSugar, a marketplace where startups and small businesses around the world connect, both online and offline, to barter and trade goods and services, today announced the launch of its revamped service to the public.

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BarterSugar is a marketplace where companies trade personal services, extra space, and unwanted or excess products with others on the site – all without the expectation of exchanging money. Beginning today, users can sign up for free and begin trading sugar (i.e. services, space and products)with startups who need or want them. In addition to posting photos and descriptions of sugars on an elegant interface, users may message startups to learn more about them and leave a detailed rating on their experience.


“Many people have services, empty physical spaces, and products that are underutilized, but valuable to others who don’t have the know­how or access,” said Layla Tabatabaie, Founder and CEO of BarterSugar. “By allowing companies to connect with startups and arrange a trade, a benefit is provided to both parties without a money exchange.”

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We know “8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months,” and that, “on average about 70 percent to 80 percent of businesses fail in 10 years.” Consider the startup that has a team of social media experts, but needs a photographer to shoot photos for their website and blog; the social media experts can connect with a startup that has a photographer and needs help updating his social sites. “While waiting for our next beta version to be released, we started conducting manual matches,” Layla continued, “we receive requests daily for all sorts of business needs ­ from marketing to studio space in a particular location to photography, blogging or social media consulting. So we are also used to very specific barter requests.”


Once startups set up a free account, it is easy to get started using the service to trade goods and services. Startups add sugars they are willing to trade for, and other members will be able to filter by keywords and by geography. Additionally, the experience is customized to each users preference due to a proprietary algorithm. Startups are then connected with other members to begin a private barter session to negotiate a swap of goods and services that will benefit both parties. Successful bartering parties are finally able to access and complete a rating system that solicits feedback on satisfaction, reliability, quality and whether you would barter again or recommend to others.


About BarterSugar


BarterSugar is a marketplace where startups and small businesses around the world connect, both online and offline, to barter and trade goods and services without spending money. The BarterSugar community includes entrepreneurs that are in the first few years of launching, and seasoned small business owners looking to expand their business offerings. Join us at!


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