Hackers & Founders Launch New Website

Our great friends at Hackers & Founders – Silicon Valley  have recently launched a new version of their website that consolidates all of their programs while similarly providing access to their daughter chapters all around the world.

Hackers & Founders – Silicon Valley provides: meetups, Angel Office Hours (AOH), The Co-op, Hackers& Founders Lunch club, Bio Hackers & Founders/Bio+Tech, Hackers & Founders University and other resources. (delete:, resources, and chapters.)

  • Silicon Valley meetups are held in four cities around the Bay Area (SF, Berkeley, Mountain View, and San Jose)
  • Members may apply to AOH for peer review and the opportunity to receive personalized fund raising advice from a top Silicon Valley angel
  • Members who have completed AOH are eligible for admittance into The Co-op, Hackers & Founders’ collaborative incubator
  • Hackers & Founders Lunch Club is a way for members to connect in a small group, based on shared geography
  • Interest groups, like the H&F Biotech/Bio+Tech partnership, allow for like-minded entrepreneurs to connect
  • Hackers & Founders University will provide technical and business education to assist members in reaching the funding stage

Eventually, these programs will be made available to Hackers & Founders daughter chapters.

Connect with the Hackers & Founders – Silicon Valley team via their website, Facebook or Twitter @HackFoundSV. To discover Hackers & Founders’ daughter chapters and friends, click here.


Survey– Application Process: Q1, 2011

Calling all applicants!

Did you complete the application form for 2011’s first selection round? If so, we would sincerely appreciate it you could take a short moment to fill out this quick survey regarding the application process that you were most recently a part of.

Please click here to take the survey.

And, please keep in mind that we’ll announce all results on April 25th.  Thanks for your patience and best of luck!


Inventure » Unreasonable Institute Finalist

InVenture, one of the Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs, is a social enterprise that aims to be a springboard for small businesses so they can grow their businesses and in turn grow their communities. They are already working in India, Mexico and West Africa and are now beginning operations in Chile. Their goal is to create successful businesses that will reinvest back into their communities and create jobs for others.

They have also just been picked as an Unreasonable Institute Finalist! InVenture needs the Chilean entrepreneur community to help them win! They need to raise $8,000 in 38 days from their community to secure one of the 25 spots in the Institute. It is an incredible opportunity that will provide them with seed capital, mentorship, and marketing but much more.

Please visit their page:

Even a small donation will help them achieve their $8,000 goal!
It’s an unreasonable challenge but together we can all make it happen!

Please also help spread the word in these easy ways:
Tweet it: Support @InVenturefund on @beunreasonable Marketplace
– 1st 25 #socent to raise 8K to attend! pls RT! #microfinance

Facebook: Please support InVenture in attending the 2011 Unreasonable Institute! The first 25 to raise $8,000 can attend! Let’s GO!


Pie Hole Featured on RTE’s The Business

RTÉ, Ireland’s national news and radio broadcaster, hosted Pie Hole, Start-Up Chile participants, on the radio show The Business to talk about their budding startup and their time in Chile. James Kennedy and Priscilla Groves, founding partners, were the interviewees on the hour-long show having to do with business and enterprise, personal finance, and consumer information in Ireland.

Piehole (who are currently recruiting for an operations manager) is a team that provides voice talent to advertising agencies and media companies worldwide. Due to new media such as podcasts, audiobooks and iPhone apps, it’s a rapidly growing industry. Currently, Piehole operates in Europe and Canada, and are expanding to Latin America.

To listen to the interview, click below.


Minister of Economy Officially Inaugurates Start-Up Chile

Minister Juan Andrés Fontaine greets the entrepreneurs and press.

After months of anticipation, Chile’s Minister of Economy, Juan Andrés Fontaine, gave the official green light for Start-Up Chile to scale up to a second phase in 2011, announcing the aperture of 300 new vacancies for the program. Accompanied by the 25 teams of participating entrepreneurs, supporters from the Ministry of Economy and CORFO/InnovaChile, and the local press, he welcomed those who have already arrived and began a direct dialogue with them about their experience thus far in Chile and how they are helping to convert Chile into the hub of innovation and entrepreneurship in Latin America.

On that note, Minister Fontaine stated: “We want to position Chile as the business platform of Latin America and the world, attracting foreign talent with the end goal of generating culture and an exchange of knowledge with the local entrepreneurs.  We want global entrepreneurs who see internationalization as fundamental if we, as Chile, want to compete with developed countries.”

With the end goal of attracting 1,000 entrepreneurs to participate before the end of 2014, it has been calculated that Start-Up Chile will spur the creation of 2,000 local jobs and that 65,000 contacts with Chilean entrepreneurs via talks, seminars, and meetings will be made.

Watch the photos here


Welcome to our NEW Website

New Site

We welcome you to our new Start-Up Chile website where you can find relevant information about the program. This is a beta version for now since the final version will be done as we upload more useful information that you may need.

We invite you to frequently visit our blog where you can find the latest news regarding the program and subscribe to it on the homepage so that don’t miss out on any relevant information as it will be sent directly to your inbox.

We hope you like it. Cheers!

Check out:
The Program


The Economist Blog: “Globally-oriented entrepreneurs will kick-start the next economic revolution”

Image »

Yesterday The Economist’s blog posted an article named “New Gold: Mining for Entrepreneurs” where Start-Up Chile was mentioned along with Barcelona Activa. The article highlights the fact that entrepreneurs are the main resource to gain innovation and social development.

We are proud and extremely happy for this mention in The Economist. We are just few steps away from changing history.


Start-Up Chile » Best Public Sector Initiative

Start-Up Chile: The Best Public Sector Initiative

Yesterday we had a real reason to celebrate since Start-Up Chile received an award for the best public sector initiative of the year. The distinction was made by “Diario Financiero”, and the winner is elected by votes of its readers. The award was received by Minister of Economy Juan Andrés Fontaineand executive vice president of CORFO, Hernán Cheyre.

On behalf of the Start-Up Chile Team we are proud and with more energy to make things happen here in Start-Up Chile, which by the way  is no longer an initiative, but a formal program of the Chilean Government.
We thank the readers of the “Diario Financiero”  for  the recognition and all entities that help make this possible every day with hard work.


Harvard Business Hosts Start-Up Chile

Last week, Steve from CruiseWise visited his Alma Mater, Harvard Business School, to give a presentation about Start-Up Chile to eager students interested in following the footsteps of CruiseWise and the other 24 teams here in Chile.  There were nearly 30 alumni present from various student-run organizations such as the Energy & Environment Club, the Social Entrepreneurship Club, the Entrepreneurship Club, the TechMedia Club, the Latin America Club, and the Latino Student Club.

While giving a short presentation about the details of the program, Steve, joined by Diego May, CEO of Junar (the second team to arrive to Chile), expounded upon the unique experience of bootstrapping a business in Chile and how their company’s have drastically advanced during their short time with Start-Up Chile.  The pair was also joined by Nicolas Ibanez and Joseph Nejman from Tomorrow Ventures, helping to field some of the inquiries.

They were answering questions for nearly an hour after their presentation, most boiling down to the following inquiries:

“Do you need to be Chilean to be part of the program?”
“Do you need to focus on the Chilean market?”
“Why is the Chilean government doing this?”
“What strings are attached to the funding?”
“What have been the best parts of the program?”

To follow up a bit, we’d like to offer the responses corresponding to those questions.  Firstly, you do not have to be Chilean to participate.  In fact, you cannot participate if you are a resident of Chile and, currently, the 25 teams in Chile represent 14 different nationalities.  We enthusiastically encourage diversity.  Second, the idea of Start-Up Chile is to attract globally thinking business to Chile– it is fundamental that those who apply to the program be oriented towards the global market, focusing on expansion, not isolation.

Next, the Chilean Government has created Start-Up Chile in hopes of converting Chile into the innovation hub of Latin America, also with the desire to inspire local entrepreneurs to conceive their businesses, again, by thinking globally.  Participating in the program does not incur any strings attached.  Equity is not asked for, which has turned out to be one of the more attractive aspects of Start-Up Chile.   One of the few obligations is the the participating teams interact with the local entrepreneurship and innovative ecosystem by attending events, holding workshops, etc.  Finally, the best parts of the program are numerous– the inspiring synergies between participating teams and the local community, the jobs that are created, the advancements that are made, and the essential tools that are provided to the team in order to ensure their success.  CruiseWise put it best when they said: “Chile is taking this program very seriously. In two weeks we were able to create a network here which has already proven itself. The caliber of the people who are opening doors for us cannot be matched in our own home countries.”

To be sure not to miss these kinds of events that will be taking place around the world, please subscribe to our Twitter account and, of course, if there are any other questions, please feel free to send them to