demo day gen 15

Watch our last Demo Day here!

The most prominent startups of Start-Up Chile Seed program presented their companies in front of judges and investors., the best way for buyers to determine the prices they want to pay, won first place and a ticket to San Francisco.       The 14 best startups...


Meet the new generation (4) of The S Factory

The entrepreneurs selected are coming from 17 countries. They will receive 10 million pesos (about US$ 15,000), a working visa for a year to come to Chile and access to the biggest startup community in the world to begging their journey. After the application process for...


Start-Up Chile Seed opens application process

- The acceleration program from the Chilean Government opened its application, running from August 17 until September 7.   - Startups from all over the world with less than 2 years of existence are eligible to be part of the program and receive USD30,000 for their business.    SANTIAGO, August...


Why American Startups Are Preferring Chile

Chile’s capital Santiago is a well-established center of country’s cultural, political and financial hub. But the winds of startup blew pretty fast to reach Chile from northern America as the Chilean government is aiming to bring forward Santiago in global market as the heart of...


Latinos are leading the fourth call for The S Factory

With more than 426 applications, the Start-Up Chile pre-accelerator program closed its latest application process. The most represented country was Chile, followed by United States, Brazil, Venezuela and Russia. SANTIAGO, Chile. July, 2016-. During the two weeks of the application process, the pre-accelerator for female leaders...

SUp is awesome

VIDEO | The Start-Up Chile Is Awesome Show

Matt Baer from Start-Up Chile Seed Gen 11 and SCALE 2 has created a video series called "The Start-Up Chile Is Awesome Show" - to answer a lot of the questions he receives from potential Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs. "I wanted to give back to the program,...