Ignite 3 new generation!

40 startups were selected for the third generation of the Ignite program. Know more about them!
By: Josefina Peterson | Content Manager
18 · 01 · 2022

The selected startups for the new generation of Ignite are

– Frankles uses Data Science and CleanTech to create the next generation of healthy, sustainable, and unprecedented ingredients for the global beverage industry. New natural flavors, 100% plant-based and with no environmental impact will become a reality.

Kon3cta is a platform B2B focused on intervening, diagnosing, and strengthening the mental health of employees, through our tools it is possible to prevent by assessing psychosocial risks and receiving customized solutions.

– Situ – Ageing in Place seeks to provide the tools for healthy, self-reliant, and empowered aging of the elderly at home and in their own communities, generating social and health services centered on the person and their families.

– Taloo is a digital platform that provides a new, more fluid, and efficient way, to discover, attract, and connect talents with the hearts of the companies generating engagement, commitment, and loyalty; thus reducing early rotation and information gap.

– Retina is an artificial intelligence solution based on an algorithm capable of recognizing harmful microalgae in samples captured automatically by robotic equipment deployed in the field without human intervention.

– Vali is a cloud-based solution for cytogenetic diagnosis using Artificial Intelligence at very low cost, automating both sample collection using motorized microscopes and chromosome clipping and identification.

– Flextrapower Technologies Inc is a remote monitoring company powered by graphene technology. We develop the smart insole system, a remote-monitoring, preventative health tool that detects diabetic foot ulcers before they form.

– Palpa is a shower device that inserts breast self-examination into a women’s routine. Through the simulation of a tumor, it seeks to teach how to feel and thus, enhance the early detection of abnormalities and improve the prognosis of breast cancer.

– Circular Pet is LATAM’s first sustainable premium food for pets based on INSECTS protein. Join the Circular PETvolution! Reduce your environmental footprint through premium nutrition for your dogs and cats.

– Leasity is a highly scalable platform targeted for property managers and tenants, which allows interaction between them, solving the main problems of portfolio management, saving time and streamlining processes.

– Payhaus is an app that allows employees to access their earn salary whenever they want and don’t need to wait for payday. They save them a lot of time, stress, and money with high-interest loans, and the company gets more focused employees.

– Arvolution is an inspection app that lets your frontline collect consistent data, perform standard routines, send reports, identify failed areas and get problems resolved without the need of paper or spreadsheets

– Geblix is the first intelligent patient loyalty solution. Through Whatsapp messages, we were able to increase the number of visits and reduce patient non-attendance by up to 40%.

– Motivus is a framework that allows the rapid implementation of a distributed computing network. It offers unparalleled data processing performance and a marketplace of algorithms.

– GLIBER is a technological solution to support self-employed workers who face many obstacles and challenges. Such as job security, health protection, and income formalization.

– Cheetrack is a SaaS platform that helps companies increase sales by focusing efforts on qualified leads only.

– Profe Social is a social network and marketplace for Spanish-speaking educators, where they can share and download teaching resources, find inspiration, and earn money.

– DataNido by BuscoNido is a SaaS-based on machine learning to monitor/analyze in real-time the real estate market, based on public information, automatically obtained and characterized, analyzing variables that are not observable today, since the information is unstructured in its origin.

– Loveat transforms the delivery industry in favor of restaurants, allowing them to have their own online sales channel.

– Skysnag is a cybersecurity saas that protects organizations against email impersonation.

– NEURAL HEALTH developed a patent-pending technology to reduce pain and anxiety in patients with chronic pain and burn-out prevention for employees in his corporations, all without medications.

– Riivi Streaming SpA is the first streaming platform that shows only Latin titles and seeks to solve the problem of digital distribution that limits the industry. Projecting Latin America to the world by showing its stories through high-quality content,

– CYRPUS is an AI/CV/ML-based system that allows the monitoring, identification, and generation of dynamic recommendations for the improvement of the loading process performance, for the improvement of queuing, accumulation, and loading times.

– Kipp Storage transforms idle spaces into self-storage and last-mile facilities, leveraging technology and collaboration, we help you monetize spaces easily, quickly, and securely.

– uils is a mobile app for mobility apps’ drivers and a (driving) credit score engine to analyze their driving history and provide financial products adapted to their specific needs (advances, top-ups, consumer and car loans).

– Pruébatelo is an eCommerce service that allows people to try on their favorite online products at home before buying them.

– Kibus Petcare S.L., is the first device that cooks healthy pet food automatically. Kibus solution allows pet parents to feed their pets on a healthy and natural diet in a convenient way.

– LarnU is an EdTech that through SaaS technology allows you to customize the App (Mobile & Web) to improve the professional well-being of your employees through a gamified methodology and in just 10 minutes a day.

– Gea SpA is an AI-assisted interpretable mining software to recommend the location of the next drill hole, minimizing costs and maximizing the information to be obtained, including a free module to perform basic geostatistics (deposit estimation).

– Selaski is a SaaS platform that centralizes foreign trade information, automates tracking processes, and distributes information to participants in the logistics chain, facilitating import control and reducing errors by 80%.

– eSponsor allows content creators and independent projects to finance their work through their followers. They create e-commerce where they receive contributions, create crowdfunding campaigns, monthly subscriptions, and sell products or services.

– Fresh & Co is a marketplace that connects small and medium-sized farmers and producers with consumers, integrating and shortening the food value chain under a fair trade model of shared data.

– Tryit is a B2B software that allows e-commerce brands to offer their customers an automated home trial service with a reliable and 100% transparent online purchasing process for everyone.

– DITUCI is a direct-to-consumer sales channel for consumer goods producers, offering fulfillment services and several awareness capabilities. Using dark stores in hot areas for fast service, producers in Ditucí deliver fast and sell more.

– ProfeJOBS is the first portal for recruitment, selection, and retention of teachers by educational institutions.

– JuniStat is an interactive application, technologically advanced football assistant. It assesses the progress, helps footballers reach the next level in the game, and informs scouts and clubs about the achievements.

– Kea – Legal Management Software is a communication, project management, and legal requirements solution with high-security standards for lawyers to collaborate and organize their work in one platform.

– Wumbox is a gamified adaptive learning platform that helps develop kids’ skills through story-driven games. It provides meaningful insights to parents/teachers and helps predict learning challenges enabling early intervention.

– Perk allows any digital platform to offer insurance to its users without any effort, they do it by developing plugins for e-commerce platforms, and through our API.

– Retina RX is a SaaS to prioritize the imaging unit’s worklist and detect pathologies with AI. It increases workflow, reduces errors, and directly benefits the quality of patient care.