Ignite 4 new generation!

Programa Aceleración
30 startups were selected for the fourth generation of the Ignite program. Know more about them!
By: Amparo Paredes | Digital Marketing Executive
14 · 07 · 2022

The selected startups for the new generation of Ignite are

Is a digital platform that allows individuals and companies to manage, sign and notarise documents online, saving a series of problems such as, for example, having to go to the notary’s office in person.
HQ: Chile

Democratizes access to Quality Coaching making it simple. They are a platform that connects people and organizations with a community of professional coaches from all over LATAM who deliver solutions for personal and professional development.
HQ: Chile

Selectivity Life
We help build families by universalising access to fertility treatment. With our devices, intrauterine insemination can be performed in doctors’ offices and/or couples’ (or single women’s) homes.
HQ: Argentina

HintEd is a digital adoption platform that helps companies in increasing their productivity by making employee training and user onboarding for enterprise software efficient.

Visener Relaciones Digitales
Is a scalable digital accompaniment platform that allows healthcare providers to establish a digital relationship with their patients. Connecting through their needs in a crisis, to then accompany them comprehensively in health.
HQ: Chile

Is a B Company that created a technology capable of eliminating viruses, fungi and bacteria instantly. Our technology has the ability to neutralize water pollutants, helping to reduce the water footprint of our users.
HQ: Chile

Transforms organizations’ training content into a micro-learning format and we facilitate its delivery through a chatbot on WhatsApp, which workers can access from anywhere and at their own pace.
HQ: Peru

Is the easy way to collect and manage subscriptions and recurring payments of any kind. Start your subscription business in a matter of minutes to grow your revenue and focus on sales and customers. We take care of everything else.
HQ: Chile

Empowers people without a technological profile with simple to use non-code tools so that they can create digital solutions to problems in their work. At Kaudal they learn to create websites, apps, reports or automate processes without having to know how to program.
HQ: Chile

twatts is a mobile, flexible and easy-to-operate three-phase solar array that delivers the required power to construction sites, helping to reduce their carbon footprint and accelerate their transition to decarbonisation.
HQ: Chile

Their mission is to increase companies revenue by optimizing their marketing through the power of social media. This is why pinUp is the best platform for organizations to meet the most appropriate influencers according to their necessities.
HQ: Chile

Is a science and technology-based company dedicated to digital innovation in health with social impact, which seeks to unite engineering and medicine to break down barriers to access.
HQ: Chile

BitCare Inc.
iScope-helps women get timely cervical cancer screening service in low-resource or remote areas while protecting the users’ privacy, taking control of AI, and mining health data.
HQ: Canada

Clarity Energy
By means of an IOT technological solution, they make available information on the use of natural resources and critical processes, which allows productive companies to increase productivity, save resources and improve the quality of life.
HQ: Chile

Is a Big-Data mobility company integrating data about urban transportation, micromobility and ride-hailing operators, offering Trip-Planning and Data-Analytics solutions to people and partners, promoting a sustainable development of cities
HQ: Argentina

Allows schools to leverage their performance assessment processes without wasting resources or repeating the same steps each year.
HQ: Chile

Is the only “all in one” platform that automates with Artificial Intelligence and in real time, the end-to-end management of Customer Feedback+Insights+Retention+Engagement, to discuss, design and implement customer retention and loyalty plans.
HQ: Chile

Is an app that connects patients with healthcare professionals in less than 30 minutes
HQ: Chile

Gets the best mortgage credit fast, free and online. They integrate with companies in the real estate sector, helping them obtain financing for their clients and to qualify leads.
HQ: Chile

Buho Chile
Supports its users in the process of planning and purchasing their medicines through a new optimisation algorithm. They deliver a single consolidated order to your home, at the lowest possible price with full transparency and privacy.
HQ: Chile

Is an application that, by reading a QR code, provides vital, strategic and immediate information to emergency teams in the event of disasters such as building fires, hostage-taking, attacks, natural emergencies and others.
HQ: Chile

Tienda House
Is a Collaborative Dark Store network, in which we use idle spaces in people’s homes, offices and neighborhood warehouses to make them available to companies as storage and distribution centres.
HQ: Chile

Is a unique digital platform designed for companies to provide benefits and wellness employees really need. They offer basic and premium plans for small, medium companies. Employees instantly access insurance, discounts and advanced payroll.
HQ: Chile

A digital platform for gastronomic brands that turns their menu into an interactive multimedia gallery, Gourmedia allows users to increase the average sales ticket through a personalized recommendation system powered by artificial intelligence.

Transforms shops through cameras and artificial intelligence to eliminate queues and waiting times, saving consumers time and making their lives easier.
HQ: Chile

Legal entity management SaaS creating digital identity for corporations, allowing for it to be updated in real time by enabling instant collaboration between legal players, companies and stakeholders.
HQ: Argentina

APM is a methodology that measures customer experience and emotions through a unique 5-question questionnaire (takes 60 seconds to answer). Their platform and intelligence is capable of adapting from an SME to a large enterprise.
HQ: Chile

Kellun is a digital ecosystem of charitable opportunities that through an app and a web platform supports volunteers, donors, emerging social initiatives, NGOs and companies with tools and resources to achieve the 17 SDGs.
HQ: Chile

Digital F2F
SaaS that allows companies to design and manage customer service via video calls. Without developments, it allows to offer on-demand or scheduled services, in multiple digital and/or face-to-face locations, with 100% automated coordination.
HQ: Chile

DPhi is a Global AI community started with a mission to educate and build AI for everyone. Since its inception, more than 100K+ learners have accessed its free courses, and over 3000 machine learning algorithms have been published on its platform.
HQ: Bélgica