Start-Up Chile welcomes a new startup generation!

101 ventures were selected for our Build, Ignite, and Growth programs which will begin their acceleration processes in March 2022. Want to know more? Keep reading!
By: Josefina Peterson | Content Manager
18 · 01 · 2022

After a long application process, we have the final list of the great startups that will be accelerated from Start-Up Chile, but first! We want to give you some context from our programs and the generation as a whole.

For the Build program, the Start-Up Chile team and expert evaluators selected 43 companies to receive equity-free 10 million pesos in funding.

These are early-stage startups, which means that they range from validated ideas to a functional prototype, and the program will help them consolidate their businesses by developing their first MVP or achieving their first sales.

Meanwhile, Ignite will add 40 new companies in a more advanced stage, with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and a maximum of three years of development. Start-Up Chile will grant a total of 25 million pesos for the entrepreneurs of this program.

Finally, the Growth Program, which aims to support startups in the expansion stage, selected 18 technology-based companies to accompany them in their internationalization process, capital raising and hiring new talent. They will receive financing of up to 75 million pesos.

In addition, Growth increased 17.5 percentage points of startups led by women, compared to the 2021 generation.
This data goes toward Start-Up Chile’s commitment to gender equality by providing them with transversal support, regardless of their stage of development.

To conclude, from the 101 startups of the new generation, 70.3% have Chileans founders and 29.7% foreigners, and as in previous versions, the businesses that applied come from multiple industries, highlighting within the portfolio: Retail, Wholesales, Consumer products (22.8%), Health & Biotech (12.9%) and Financial Services (10.9%). (10,9%).

Know who were the chosen ones for Build, Ignite and Growth!

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