Growth 3 new generation!

18 startups were selected for the third generation of the Growth program. Know more about them!
By: Josefina Peterson | Content Manager
18 · 01 · 2022

The selected startups for the new generation of Growth are

– Vita Wallet is a Fintech that allows to send and receive international transfers from Chile to 50 countries in the Americas, Asia, and Europe, in less than 36hrs, all from the VitaWallet app and website.

– GoodMeal reduces food waste through technology. Through the GoodMeal app, hundreds of food businesses sell their daily surplus, connecting with thousands of users willing to rescue them at a reduced price.

– iHunt revolutionize how hundreds of companies attract talent with a crowd-based approach of thousands of freelance recruiters who actively seek talent.

– F4F is dedicated to transforming organic waste into high-value, sustainable, and nutritious food ingredients. All this through the production and processing of the black soldier fly.

– Reversso is an integrated platform for online stores, which helps them to offer simple and self-managed returns and exchanges experience to their customers.

– Sumato-Id allows to digitalize the physical world using Computer Vision and Biometrics with AI, managing to identify, segment, and measure its behavior, non-invasively and in real-time, optimizing the operations and improving the user experience.

– ComoQuiero connects CPGs recipe content with customers enabling them to shop in one click.

– FaPro is a technological platform that supports the commercial and risk areas of financial institutions to analyze their applicants, through a direct connection with the tax systems of Chile and Mexico.

– ADD SKIN is social commerce in which we create your personalized skincare routine with expert advice and Artificial Intelligence, to take your skin to the next level.

– Mindy is a digital app and desktop platform that delivers mental health care remotely and closely. It is a tool that connects people with professionals online, optimizing time and with a high-quality service.

– Teleker is an all-in-one AI-powered telehealth platform integrating medical devices and wearables.Easy video consultations, medication reminders, education, diets, and exercising with videos and games.Web, mobile apps, and elder-friendly TV and voice interaction.

– Wibo is an on-site digital commerce platform that helps foodservice and retailer companies of all sizes to digitize their on-site consumer operations

– IM PACKING provides solutions for packing house traceability and administration issues.

– Queritel SpA helps consumer brands to identify gaps in product availability and visibility across thousands of stores, and provide these insights directly to field representatives and managers, so they can take action where and when it matters.

– QMATCH is a web tool that helps companies to be more competitive, through the extraction, tracking, and control of prices, assortment, and promotions from any e-commerce, apps, or marketplace.

– Contabilium provides a simple online management system, so that small and medium-sized companies can automate their administrative tasks of electronic invoicing and obtain real-time reports.

– Snap Compliance is a platform that provides organizations with the necessary agility for Money Laundering Prevention, monitoring the risk level of customers, suppliers, and employees, Operational Risk management, and Maturity Models.

– ProyectoMoms is a platform that connects professional women with flexible jobs in 48 hours through Machine Learning. We help women to return to the workforce and companies to find the best talent, which is not available on other platforms.

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