Build 3 new generation!

43 startups were selected for the third generation of the Build program. Know more about them!
By: Josefina Peterson | Content Manager
18 · 01 · 2022

The selected startups for the new generation of Build are

– Refy gets the best mortgage credit, fast, free and online

– Firmex is a digital platform that allows individuals and companies to centrally manage, sign and notarize documents online, saving a series of problems such as going to the notary’s office in person.

– Buho supports users in the process of planning and purchasing medications through a new optimization algorithm.

– Adara Styling personalized recommendation platform that through AI creates the perfect match between the user and the product.

– is a SaaS for home sampling management.

– Conomy helps to control money expends through an app and a card integrating all types of payment methods.

– Mente Bonita is a holistic space of Mental and Physical Health where we offer a balance and equilibrium to improve the quality of life of people with the accompaniment of the best professionals (psychology, psychiatry, nutrition, yoga, pilates, etc.)

– Minkedu is an online learning platform that strengthens the role of parents and teachers as educators at home and in the classroom, connecting learning paths, online training, accompaniment, and learning and teaching experiences.

– TRIBBU Directly connects producers/manufacturers with neighborhood groups through collaborative purchases by volume, eliminating intermediaries and thus providing significant savings, translating into savings between 30% and 40%.

– DROPIT are sustainable cleaning products in an effervescent tablet format that eliminate single-use plastic.

– Musa transforms the content of organizations’ training into a microlearning format and facilitates the delivery through a chatbot on WhatsApp, which workers can access from anywhere and at their own pace.

– Reite is a software that monitors waste containers through image capturing devices that allow knowing the location, filling, filling prediction, and other metrics with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

– pinUp Global automates the process of finding the perfect match between companies and influencers according to the client’s requirements

– Plific synchronizes the BR bank and GIG accounts (uber, 99, Rappi…) of app deliverers/drivers to make financial management more effortless. With this data, we will provide credit to them in a way that does not affect their financial health.

– FunerariApp is a Marketplace that brings together providers of the funeral services ecosystem, connecting them with people and companies that need to quote and hire an immediate or future service with the best technology and online shopping experience.

– Promo Almacén is a management platform for the traditional channel. Using the app, brands offer payments to store owners in exchange for the execution of activities such as exhibitions and others.

– Tripendar is the smartest planning trip tool. Travelers will be able to choose their favorite spots, position them as they want in their calendars, choose their mean of transportation and optimize it to get the best routes possible using AI.

– Mi Tribu is a 100% digital platform that accompanies and guides women through the pregnancy process. Through leveraging technology and an intimate support group, we enhance the pregnancy experience with positive activities and preventative medicine.

– Rukots is a web app that helps teachers to enhance collaboration, teamwork, and problem solving in students. It offers a library of collaborative challenges aligned to the educational curriculum to be played during class.

– HIREWEB allows companies to recruit digital talent based on a new paradigm of employability.

– Adaflow is an accounting platform for remote teams that connects local accountants specialists and ensures compliance in a single system, automating tax and invoice management required by country regulations, no matter where you hire in the globe.

– BIKFY is a B2C PaaS platform for bicycle registration and transfer. It seeks to build the traceability of a bicycle, significantly reducing theft, and generating conditions so that multiple services can be originated.

– Borderless is a professional social platform that empowers untapped talents in the developing world by promoting access to global opportunities — study and work abroad. The platform includes a Q&A forum, social networking, content database, and job portal.

– Camp Hunt is a platform that allows you to book, plan and organize your camping and/or camper trip in an easy and safe way, once the reservation is ready you will receive a roadmap with your georeferenced campsites to easily reach your destination.

– provides AI-powered solutions with a human-centric approach to make informed and unbiased hiring decisions, onboard motivated and productive employees. helps to drive employee skills development through consistent engagement.

– IntelliAqua leverages technology to empower governments and aquaculture farmers alike to create a more equitable and inclusive pond-to-plate supply chain that is sustainable, efficient, and transparent.

– Wamsport is a marketplace-like platform that connects recreational athletes to local sports communities and sports services anywhere in the world. It also helps teams and sports businesses to find more members/clients and grow fast.

– FoodMatch is a platform that connects agricultural and processing companies that have food losses with potential buyers that use the raw material for the development of value-added products, avoiding landfills.

– RENOVA consignment store for clothing/accessories, facing the huge waste problem of the fashion industry.

– Burkits is a startup focused on creating educational experiences, developing effective pedagogical processes, and digital training content through learning environments based on social learning and artificial intelligence.

– Ybyram creates educational experiences, developing effective pedagogical processes and digital training content through learning environments based on social learning and artificial intelligence.

– is a collaborative marketplace of secure peer-to-peer spaces where people or companies rent space for storage, parking, or use as a desk and offer comprehensive services for the duration of the lease.

– Tienda House is an urban storage network and collaborative distribution center. By using idle spaces in homes or neighborhood warehouses they make them available to SMEs as collaborative storage and distribution centers.

Fauve AI is a synthetic data startup, powered by bleeding-edge AI and rendering technologies. Providing API to generate high-quality labeled custom data for training better AI systems: anything from 2d images and videos to 3d scenes for simulation engines.

– Loken is a SaaS that through automation and the use of Machine Learning seeks to improve the user experience and make the buying and selling processes between companies more efficient.

– ProLac+ is a kefir-based probiotic beverage to solve the etiology of lactose intolerance.

– Mathland is a teaching mathematics platform with a unique methodology allowing students to apply concepts to the real world so they can develop critical thinking skills. It integrates online classes, learning modules, and games.

– Cliqx Matchmaking App is a matchmaking application that allows you to connect your friends with other people in your existing network who are looking for love or friendship, in a safe online and offline environment.

– stow SpA is a web application to simplify teamwork by standardizing communication and documenting the work done and the feelings of the team.

– BentoLab is an intelligent and customized solution for e-commerce SMEs that will allow them to be more profitable, scalable, and competitive.

– Sustentia SpA is an app to promote the Smart and Sustainable City, making SMEs, local organizations, and events more visible.

– Cooperativa Local connects creators, audiences, consumers, and investors in a social web app where users can offer and buy physical creations; as well as use blockchain to trade NFTs and invest with each other using Creator Tokens.

– Integrity Wardrobe is an online, multi-vendor marketplace for fashionable clothing, footwear, and accessories made by people who are paid living wages in safe working conditions throughout the supply chain.

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