Build 4 new generation!

Programa Aceleración
38 startups were selected for the fourth generation of the Build program. Know more about them!
By: Amparo Paredes | Digital Marketing Executive
14 · 07 · 2022

The selected startups for the new generation of Build are

Fincrick is a sustainable personal finance digital platform that blends artificial intelligence, psychology and neuroscience to help people change their consumption behavior to improve their financial health.
HQ: Chile

Bit Bottle digitizes returnable packaging, to migrate from disposable to returnable and take charge of reverse logistics, providing a solution to a major problem for manufacturers and retailers, as well as facilitating management by the consumer.
HQ: Chile

Is a SaaS solution that allows restaurants, hotels, hospitals and gastronomy professionals to acquire supplies for their operations on a single platform, optimizing logistics and management processes.
HQ: Chile

Unga is a platform for quantitative and qualitative measurement and monitoring of learning in kindergartens.
HQ: Chile

Technological platform for comprehensive financial advice 100% oriented to women, through a gender algorithm that achieves the perfect match between advisors and the clients who want to be advised, providing education and financial tools according to their needs.
HQ: Chile

Merity is a platform that helps companies optimize the process of comparing, managing, adjusting and communicating compensation, enabling them to manage the compensation cycle and align it with culture and long-term goals.
HQ: Chile

Elmira Safarova
MedMediator is a Platform As Service (PaaS) to connect families with genetic diseases, doctors, geneticists and pharma to take data-based decision in diagnostics, treatment and drug development
HQ: Russian Federation

Clarísimo provides instant answers to students’ academic questions. The user simply takes a picture of the problem he/she needs to solve. Clarísimo, based on artificial intelligence, extracts the content and finds the optimal answer.
HQ: Chile

Suplait is a supply-chain tech startup (B2B SaaS) that provides a platform that is the simplest way for companies to find and buy from Latin American suppliers, allowing them also to organize and digitize their purchasing processes.
HQ: Chile

Tapuy: casa mágica

Tapuy is an online platform of on-demand workshops for children 4 to 12 years old, where they can develop life skills and learn while playing autonomously.
HQ: Chile

Allows you to inhabit your new home easily, quickly and to your liking. Goohaus is a digital platform that brings together buyers, sellers and suppliers, facilitating their interaction and value generation, delivering technology-based services.
HQ: Chile

Winbi is a platform that uses data analytics to discover the learning options available to young people seeking to develop their skills and competences for their future career.
HQ: México

O-lab, Inc
O-lab is a suite of digital tools to manage training & social projects easily and efficiently.Create surveys, forms, reports, and training with our no-code customizable web & mobile app, and LMS & MEL system that helps reduce time, costs, and stress.
HQ: Colombia

VinciU is the first online digital careers academy for teenagers. They train talent at an early age so that by the end of high school students can work or start a business in the tech industry without going to university.
HQ: Argentina

Cymasuite Technologies
Current accounting software that enters data into the SII, but does not automatically create financial statements or show movements to companies. Cymasuite integrates SII and banks supervising the movements and generating financial statements in real time.
HQ: Chile

Zinari Finance, Inc
Zinari enables businesses or freelancers to receive payments from their customers in cryptocurrencies. Customers can pay in crypto or fiat and merchants get paid in crypto.


Web platform that connects families of elderly people with care services in Chile where care providers and care seekers can meet. Their aim is to reduce the uncertainty of these services in a reliable and transparent way.
HQ: Chile

Lank is a digital platform that seeks to empower Latin American consumers, we will build a large community that allows us to deliver bargaining power to our members. We will achieve this through group purchasing and sharing.
HQ: Chile

We provide nutritional advice to users while they shop groceries online. Our app integrates with supermarkets through APIs. Users receive nutritional recommendations based on their goals and medical conditions.
HQ: Spain

SimplePark is a digital parking meter for motorists to pay for their parking 100% from their mobile phone, securely and without the need for cash.
HQ: Chile

APIO is a consumer facing wallet on a mission to attract recurring revenue to SMBs through a no-code storefront template embedded with frictionless payments, use-case specific experiences and analytics.
HQ: Chile

Pawer is an App focused on pet wellness (through a subscription like Spotify), integrating telemedicine, veterinarians at home, grooming, bathing and insurance in case of emergencies, with a digital record that reminds you of these events.
HQ: Chile

App for managing dynamic forms, which allows their creation and management in three simple steps and applies artificial intelligence and big data to process data in order to generate KPIs and customized reports in real time.
HQ: Chile

GIA is a technology applied to health occupying AI Based on all the information collected, this ecosystem proposes probable diagnoses. It gives easy access to information. Schedule hours, allow prescriptions, compare prices in pharmacies.
HQ: Chile

PRTAL is the digital tool that automatizates the company’s communication processes with its clients. It allows any company to have a private customer portal for the proposal, collection and development of the project or service.
HQ: Chile

Canelo, plataforma de información para Agricultores
Canelo, the massive and personalized whatsapp information platform for small and medium-sized farmers, which reduces the information gap between farmers and the institutions that generate useful information for them.
HQ: Chile

Platform that integrates a pit-stop network with a drop&hook system for long-haul trucks, leveraging on a network of local drivers for urban deliveries, with AI/machine learning, increasing the productivity of the transport sector.
HQ: Chile

Easyplace is a marketplace for renting spaces and services for corporate events. The solution reduces search, quotation and booking times, increasing revenue for hosts by reducing idle hours in event rooms.
HQ: Chile

Papirus is a web platform based on blockchain technology and artificial intelligence that creates a student resume based on 21st century skills.
HQ: Chile

We are a startup that generates a new rehabilitation option, remote and associated with non-invasive neuromodulation techniques. We will benefit recovery in diseases such as stroke, major depression, and amblyopia.
HQ: Chile

Loogar SpA
Real estate is a safe and profitable form of investment, but people require savings, credit, and time to manage it. Loogar seeks to remove these restrictions through collaborative property investment, taking over all management and maintenance.
HQ: Chile

Intelligent logistics and fulfillment based on the concept of strategically located Smart Fulfillment Centers. We add a digital platform and AI, to keep a permanent and online control of all orders and products in stock.
HQ: Chile

No Pain powered by Inmers is a chronic pain rehabilitation platform with an integrative approach, using state-of-the-art immersive technology tools for physical, cognitive and sensory rehabilitation.
HQ: Chile

We help companies evaluate the financial capacity of their prospects, through an automated process and ML generates an evaluation, according to an algorithm that combines banking data and other parameters, adaptable to different industries.
HQ: Chile

Skyblue Analytics

Skyblue Analytics has created a unique platform that provides trading institutions and retail traders with powerful and user-friendly tools that make trading options derivatives as well as stocks in real-time easier to compete with Wall street.
HQ: Uruguay

Canela is an app that allows the loved ones of a hospitalized person or a long-stay resident to have real-time information about the person’s state of health or progress.
HQ: Chile

It is a management and administration system for creative service providers. They have a centralized marketplace where artists search and book these services.
HQ: Chile

Supli is a B2B system for restaurants that connects commerce with suppliers via WhatsApp. The purchasing process is 100% digitalized using an algorithm that connects suppliers with products at the best price.
HQ: Chile

Radar: We help companies interact with their banking services without human intervention.


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