Growth 4 new generation!

Programa Aceleración
19 startups were selected for the fourth generation of the Growth program. Know more about them!
By: Amparo Paredes | Digital Marketing Executive
14 · 07 · 2022

The selected startups for the new generation of Growth are

SUNAI, Internet of SUN
SUNAI is a global company accelerating the energy transition by improving the performance of solar PV plants with our SaaS NEURAL. NEURAL provides operational suggestions to O&M teams that ensure maximum performance of solar plants.
HQ: Chile

Lab4U SpA
Lab4U transforms built-in smartphone sensors into lab equipment to improve STEM education. The mission is to democratize science giving students access to experiment, saving teachers time, and saving schools thousands of dollars in lab equipment.
HQ: Chile

Is an online pharmacy with a circular economy concept and a focus on chronic patients. They avoid the destruction of medicines, getting them to the patients who need them at the lowest possible price and with the simplest possible shopping experience.
HQ: Chile

Is a payment gateway for companies looking for efficiency in automatic debit payments to credit cards and bank accounts.
HQ: Argentina

Is a shower device that makes breast self-examination part of a woman’s routine. Through the simulation of a tumour, it aims to teach women how to feel and thus to enhance the early detection of abnormalities and improve the prognosis of breast cancer.
HQ: Chile

Monitors the state of health of industrial machines by analyzing in real time the way they vibrate. This increases their productivity, reduces energy consumption and improves the daily lives of the people who work with them.
HQ: Chile

Toku SpA
Is a customer-centric collection software that sends payment reminders automatically. Email, SMS and Whatsapp are trigger by the decision algorithm and more than 85% of conversations are automized by AI allowing business to increase the collection rate.
HQ: Chile

Believes in a world without allergies and chronic diseases. That’s why we created Bifidice biotechnology: The ultimate solution to build a healthier immune system through people´s microbiota, to impact the life of millions around the world.
HQ: Chile

Is a new model that allows mass consumption companies to Know, Attract and Loyalise their consumers. It is materialised in a mobile app where brands give money to consumers for buying their products and staying loyal to it.
HQ: Chile

Builds trust between People/SMEs and Financial CompaniesAlfi is a Gamified Financial Education app/platform leveraging the latest in Behavioural Economics, connecting People/SMEs with the best Financial Products.
HQ: México

Develops software to optimize energy consumption in the mining industry. Based on AI algorithms, COSMOS reduces overconsumption associated with operational practices by at least 5%, generating benefits of USD 30M/year per truck.
HQ: Chile

Is the first online supermarket in Chile to be 100% vertically integrated thanks to technology. It is the supermarket at your doorstep with the highest quality and the best prices. Shopping online with Lysto is no more expensive than going physically.
HQ: Chile

Connects hotels with b2b buyers, allowing hotels to take back control of their inventory. Any type of accommodation, anywhere in the world. We are here to help hotels work better with their B2B customers (and vice versa), with free technology provided by RoomBeast.
HQ: Chile

Turns your communities into businesses i.e. an instrumented self-config all-in-one SaaS for Synchronous-LIVE to Asynchronous-MOOC communication. Clients: banks, insurers, universities w. +13M MAU. Plenary w. Coursera: World Strategic Forum.
HQ: Peru

Servicios a la Mineria SurSur Spa
Global addresses the need for administration, management, control and communication for mining and industrial projects. Global works in real time, delivering information to managers and decision makers.
HQ: Chile

OS City
OS City is a GovTech company using blockchain to help authorities provide citizen-centric digital services. Providing a new Digital Identity and a platform for creating and offering services they allow for fraud-proof, portable official documents.
HQ: Mexico

OK to Shop
Free app that helps people with food preferences to know in seconds if a food is suitable for them, with information verified by nutritionists. If it is not, we show a list of suitable alternatives in the same category.
HQ: Chile

A student success management platform designed for educational institutions to identify students at risk of dropping out and automate interventions that mitigate risk and improve student experience, progression and retention.
HQ: Chile

Popapp is a cloud-based management software that helps operate physical and virtual restaurants. Integrating online delivery orders from every platform into one single easy-to-use web app for the big SMBs restaurant market of Latin America.
HQ: Chile

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